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You and Flu

November 12, 2019

What is flu? Hey watch it with that thing!
My mum told me my granddad has the flu. I’ve never had flu, so I wanted to learn more about
it. I learnt loads of stuff – like how to make sure you don’t get ill from flu. Take
a look. More about flu I had a cold once. Coughed and sneezed a lot,
and my nose was like…snot everywhere. Very runny. Yuk! Flu is like that but loads worse, you don’t
want to catch it. Dad said doctors know all about the flu, so I asked one, take a look! Hi Chloe, I’m Doctor Steedman, how can I
help? Hi Doctor Steedman. I want to learn more about
flu and find out if there’s anything we can do to avoid catching it? Well flu is a particular kind of bug called
a virus, which infects the human body and when it gets into our body it can cause us
to become very seriously ill and we usually catch flu from someone else who already has
the bug. This is actually what flu looks like, only
it’s so tiny we can’t see it with our own eyes and in fact we can’t even see it with
a normal mircroscope, we have to use a really special high powered microscope to be able
to see it. How is flu spread? When someone has flu it tends to live in their
mouth and in their nose and basically in their snot and in their spit. Flu also makes you
cough and sneeze, so what happens when you cough and sneeze when you have flu is that
you basically release bit of snot and spit that have the flu in it into the air and other
people then breathe it in or it can get into their eyes or it can get onto surfaces that
they touch and that’s how they then get the flu virus. So you can see how easily it’s
spread from person to person. How can you prevent this spread of germs? Doctor:
There’s lots of things you can do to stop the spread of germs. The most important things
are to cover your mouth and nose whenever you cough or sneeze, and to wash your hands
before you eat. Another fantastic way to protect against germs
is immunisation. What is immunisation? So, what is immunisation? I found a great
video that explains it. Check it out! Your new superpower If you could have any super power, what would
it be? How about being able to fly? That sounds fun. Hmmm – maybe not. How about invisibility? Now you see them…
…now you don’t! …Hello? Hello! Ah, there you are. Okay, how about something
that’s really useful? This one protects you against some illnesses. Doctors and nurses call it immunisation. When lots of people get immunised it means
fewer people get sick… …and there are fewer germs going about…
…and that’s better for everyone. So if I was able to have a super power I know
which one I’d pick. Pretty cool eh? My friend Aiden has been immunised.
You should check out his video to see what being immunised is actually like! Och! Hey, go easy with the clicks! I’m in school – as you can probably tell.
But today’s a bit different. Today I’m being immunised against flu! Hi, I’m Rina, I’m one of the nurses. Hello How are you today? I’m good. That’s good. I’m just going to ask you a few questions. Okay. What’s your name? Aiden Jones When’s your birthday? It’s the18th of March. So you’re… What age are you? Eight. Where do you stay Aiden? 12 Mill Lane. Okay, so what I want you to do is just take
a hanky, and I’m just going to skoosh that up your nose alright, and then we’re going
to skoosh. That’s it. Right, that’s you and that’s you protected.
That wasn’t difficult was it? Well done. Thank you. Right thanks. It feels a bit funny when it goes in but not
too bad. And now I won’t pass on flu germs to other
people! Okay, remember, if you want to protect yourself
and others from the flu, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands before eating. And get immunised. That’s a really important
one. I’m being immunised at my school today so
I’d better get going. Bye.

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