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Willie reduced insulin down from 72 units of insulin per day to 0 on Virta

October 11, 2019

I’ve had diabetes probably
six, maybe seven years. But I didn’t really
think I was diabetic. The nurse practitioner,
she started me on insulin. I started out low and then I
got up to like 74 units a day. And then when I started
my shots and stuff, that kind of threw me back. I said, I need to do something. And she recommended this program
for me, the Virta program, which has worked great for me. And it’s really taught
me to control my eating. The fact that I can
get off my insulin and off my other pills,
that’s what really popped into my head, is that
it’s a program to get you off your medications. And when you’re spending
$600 a month on medications, what else can I say? I was over 300 pounds. At my heaviest, I was
314 point something. Now I’m down to 243. Six months ago, I was
doing 72 units of insulin. Today, I’m doing none. I have more energy. And I sleep a lot
easier than what I did. Before, I couldn’t sleep. I see people that I
haven’t seen in a while and they look at
me, that’s not you. And that really
encourages me, too. My father, a long time
ago, told me, he said, you need to go on a diet
and lose some weight. And I think he’d be
very proud of me now.

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