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Why ultra cold computers hold quantum secrets

February 1, 2020

Everything that happens
in this nano-world, – and related to quantum physics
happens at very low temperatures, – down to 10 millikelvin, – minus 273 – minus 272
Celsius range. At 0 degrees water freezes out,
but then at some point – also all the air and all the gas
freeze out, – and if you cool
further and further down – all the movement of the atoms in the
bulk material starts to freeze out – so basically everything is
really frozen at these temperatures. For example to compare it, – I always compare it to
the temperature of the universe, – which is
a little bit more than 4 kelvin, – so here we are working
at temperatures – many orders of magnitude colder
than we have anywhere – out there in the universe,
so it’s really cold! Here in Aalto
we aim to develop a key tool – to solve most important questions
in quantum thermodynamics. Studying quantum physics
and quantum effects means – that you see the effect of single
particles and single excitations. A single excitation
has very low energy – and to resolve the effect
of these very low energies, – you need to cool down the environment
and the background so low – that they can’t affect
your measurements anymore. One of the reasons we are doing it
is to build a quantum computer – where we use
these very low temperatures – to achieve
superconductivity in the circuits. When you have
a superconducting circuit, – you can build a computer
out of them, – and this computer doesn’t behave
like a regular laptop computer, – but has quantum properties. With these quantum properties
you can make calculations – that are
much more efficient and faster – than you can make
with a regular computer. This can be used to make
new medicines and materials, – or optimisation problems like
traffic flow and things like this. We have developed an ultra-sensitive
and fast thermometer – and this device will be
the heart of a nanocalorimiter – for detecting
single microwave photons. If we can detect
single microwave photons, – most of the problems in quantum
thermodynamics will be solved.

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  • Reply yaya dichaba July 22, 2019 at 4:22 am

    like the fact that they don't realise by using cold which is the inverse of the universe's actual temperature with their understanding of super position and mirror particles has it not occurred to them that they may be doing experiments which apply to a universe which is the reverse of this one the fact that you can experience light and darkness aren't they worried that they may be getting answers from the dark universe and because everything is connected if you recreate the necessary conditions you could !make a physical link

  • Reply Alex K January 30, 2020 at 7:56 pm

    Congratulations to Bayan and her colleagues at Aalto University for the pioneering work. This type of research will have meaningful impacts on the quality of life. I solute you all!

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