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Why does ketosis work? It’s really about insulin. Learn how.

October 15, 2019

The human body is an amazing, intricate system that requires energy to function. The food we eat provides this energy for us
to go about our daily activities. Our food is made up of three primary macronutrients:
Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat. Our bodies are designed to use both Carbohydrate
and Fat for energy. We call this ability to switch between these
macronutrients, metabolic flexibility. This ability has elegantly served us throughout
history in times of surplus when food was plentiful, and in times of famine, when food
was scarce. However, today, because of the way we eat,
most of us find ourselves perpetually in surplus. We’ve become better at storing energy than using
energy. This reality has changed the way our bodies
function, leading to an astronomical increase in poor metabolic health around the world. So, how does this happen and how do we stop
it? After consuming carbohydrates, our bodies
convert that food into glucose, a simple sugar that travels through our bloodstream. As glucose enters our bloodstream, the hormone
insulin increases and acts as a gatekeeper to our cells, opening the cellular door allowing
glucose to enter and be used either for immediate energy or stored for later use. This combination of glucose and insulin results
in quick energy delivery throughout our bodies. If there is extra glucose in our bloodstream,
insulin helps our bodies store this excess glucose in our fat cells, so we can access
it later. When our bodies need energy and don’t have
any food handy, they try to turn to these fat cells for energy. As long as insulin levels are higher,
the stored energy is locked in fat cells. As insulin comes down, the cells are unlocked
and we can start using our stored fat as energy. Healthy metabolic flexibility is based on
our bodies’ ability to use glucose for energy at certain times, and fat for energy at other
times. When we have chronically-increased levels
of insulin, we prevent switching from glucose burning to fat burning: THIS is where our
natural metabolic flexibility breaks down. Our bodies need constant fuel. If all the glucose in our bloodstream has
been distributed, and the energy from stored fat is not easily accessible because of the presence of insulin, we begin to feel sluggish, hungry and start craving more food. So we eat again and, if the food is high in
carbohydrates, more insulin is released, restarting the cycle of energy consumption and storage
all over again. Our bodies remain constantly saturated in
insulin Insulin takes a toll on our bodies. We age faster and can begin to develop insulin
resistance, which can lead to metabolic disorder and weight gain. So, how do we stop this cycle and return to
our natural state of burning both carbohydrate and stored fat? Unicity has studied and created
products to help us achieve better metabolic health. By following a few simple principles, we can
better activate the ability to access the extra fat we carry around and use it for energy
and to improve our overall metabolic health. The Unicity Principles include: Prioritize protein, fuel with fat, and control Carbohydrates. Protein is critical in building and maintaining
healthy muscle and bone and most people don’t get enough. Often, hunger and cravings sabotage the most
well-intentioned health plans. Fat also has no insulin response and digests
more slowly than carbohydrate – helping us feel fuller, longer. By limiting carbohydrate consumption and focusing
on less-refined carbohydrates we allow insulin levels to fall. This enables metabolic flexibility, allowing
our bodies to access fat stores to provide the energy required to function. In addition to following these core principles,
our bodies need time to allow insulin levels to recede. Unicity recommends a form of intermittent
fasting we refer to as 4-4-12. By waiting 4 to 6 hours between breakfast
and lunch and lunch and dinner, and waiting 12-16 hours between dinner and breakfast with
no snacking in-between, we can give our bodies the time needed to get into what we call the fat burning zone. The Fat Burning Zone, or FBZ, is the time
when insulin is low and our bodies use stored fat, not glucose, as energy. People report a number of benefits from maximizing
their time in the fat burning zone including reduced cravings for unhealthy foods, improved
focus and concentration, more mental and physical energy, improved skin appearance, and improvements
in weight and body composition. Unicity has created several products that
reinforce and support these principles–making it easier than ever to activate optimal health. So now you know. Our bodies are amazing and complex metabolic
machines and now that we are equipped with the right activating principles, we can be
on our way to returning to a healthier, metabolically flexible state.

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