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When Will The Try Guys Die?

September 20, 2019

– Is this whole book me? (dramatic drumming) This
video is the real one, it’s Fox in the early 2000s, who’s gonna die! We’re gonna spit in a tube, we’re sending to scientist,
they’re sending it back, and they’re telling us
how we’re gonna get sick. – So, one of you did
actually test positive on one of the tests. – Uh-oh. – [Eugene] This is going to be the most relatable Try Guys series ever. – [Ned] Old age is made up. – [Keith] I’ll never
get old, I’ll never die. – [Eugene] All expect to live longer and we’re demanding to live better. – [Zach] Let’s get old! – I don’t know how long I’m gonna live. I think I’m a little afraid to know. In the last year or so, health has been a really big priority for me. My biggest hurdle is that I love food and flavors come from
fat and salt and sugar and all these things that are bad for you. And I would be unpleasantly surprised to find out that some
of my life habits before are unfixable. – You look at your parents,
you look at your grandparents and you think, maybe
that’s where I’m gonna be. And for me I’ve always seen it
as sort of a positive thing. I generally am pretty
scotch free when it comes to a health report card. So, it’s not something
that I actively think about the same way I think some of
the other Try Guys have to. – I’ve only recently started
to think about getting old after I had my own kid. It really puts things into perspective, you know, suddenly you’re
a generation higher. I don’t think I would want to know how I would die. Gosh, I don’t know. – I’ve never really pictured myself old. I, for whatever reason,
have just always assumed that I would die early. Yeah, it’s a sad thought. I have ankylosing spondylitis. I have scoliosis. My body is basically
already falling apart. It’s only been recently that I’ve really tried to make my health a priority. But there’s a lot more going on in here that I don’t understand yet. I’m imagining that I’m gonna find out a bunch today. – A couple weeks ago we
sent in this color kit with a sample of our saliva to find out about our genetic disposition and any sort of health issues we might be needing to watch out for. – I’ve really been dealt the short stick in terms of genetics. Natural selection probably
should of weeded me out already and modern medicine and science is like, nah, you can hang out for a little longer. – In my genetic makeup, are there any genes that make
me really love fried chicken? – So we, (laughing) . – Normally we do these tests and we just find out, oo,
I’m a little big German, oo, I’m a little bit Scottish. – Where is it say that I’m the Asian one? – So, we didn’t test for
ancestry in this test. – Oh, okay. – No, no, this is gonna be like, oh, you’re a little be
predisposed to prostate cancer. – We analyze 60 different
genes, 30 cancer, 30 heart-health genes. It really just gives you
kind of a more tailored look at your cancer and your heart health risk. – I’m a little worried
about this test today because my family does
have a history of cancer. My grandfather died from
colon cancer in his 70s. My dad actually gets regular colonoscopies to prevent cancer because he found a pre-cancerous polyp in his 30s. – Grandmother on my mom’s
side had a brain tumor, there’s some sort of cancer
risk somewhere in there. – I don’t think there’s really
anything in my family history that involves chronic
illness or pain or disease. We’re a pretty sturdy bunch. (dramatic riff) – Genetics can play a roll in your health but we have a powerful
tool to overcome them and that’s our lifestyle. There’s a lot that we can do to make sure that we undo a lot of our family history. Here’s the thing, most people
don’t actually need to be in a gown for the physical exam. – So, I’m okay in my clothes? – You’re okay in your clothing, we want you to be comfortable. – I’m good right now, yeah. – [Natasha] Okay perfect. – I just thought, you know, how often do you get to put on a gown. And this is a forward clasp gown. – The whole point of primary care is to develop a
relationship with your PCP. And so, when you have that
relationship with your PCP– – Oh whoa, I do not, I don’t do drugs. – It’s a therapeutic relationship. – I don’t mess with PCP. (laughing) – So a lot of people don’t know what a primary care provider is and they think, oh, it’s just someone that I see when I’m sick or if I have a chronic condition. But the reality is, primary care is also about keeping you healthy. One of the big things is exercise. You know, exercising
just 30 minutes a day, five days a week. – What about an hour three times a week? – Whatever works for you as long as you’re able to put
in those two and a half hours of exercise per week. Let me take a peak at
your blood pressure here. – No whammies, no whammies,
no whammies, no whammies. – How is your activity level now? – It’s pretty good. I do crossfit. – 128 over 78, it’s perfect. – What a number. – Yes. Your blood pressure is
really nice and low. – Oh, thank you. – It’s 120 over 70. – What does your heart rate
usually run, do you know? – I have know idea. – Okay, well, you’re at 87. – Is that good? – It’s normal. – [Keith] What do you typically want? – We know that we can
get your heart rate lower when people do vigorous exercise. You can’t outrun a bad diet, so some people are exercising but they’re still eating
lots of fried chicken or– – Okay. – All kinds of (laughing) they’re eating all kinds of foods they– – It seemed very directed at me. – Shouldn’t be. – I’m trying to live my
life as a weekday vegetarian and a weekend fun boy. – Don’t we have a series
happening right now of you eating every single item at every fast food restaurant? – Yes. (laughing) I have a bite of every item. – [Natasha] That’s so intense. Okay. – I don’t consume the entirety. – Oh, so he’s glutinous and wasting food. (laughing) – Keith, you know what might be a really interesting thing to try? Mindful eating. It’s eating with intention. Imagine eating a fried chicken and just taking one bite and
savoring that in your mouth (dreamy music) and just
tasting those juices, and thinking about the texture, and thinking about warmth. And extending that experience. And then only having those two bites. – That’s crazy. (laughing) – Oh, okay. So Eugene, I’ve heard that
you love a good drink. – A lot of people think
that I am a chronic drinker, that is totally untrue. I go out maybe once every
two weeks if I’m lucky. – So sometimes when people
have an enlarged liver from alcohol consumption, we can feel the border of their liver, which I can’t feel on you. – [Eugene] One thing that I
know that I am the worst at is getting the right amount of sleep. – [Natasha] People who sleep
less than seven hours a night actually have a shorter life expectancy. – [Zach] (gasping) Wait, less than what? – Seven? – [Natasha] Seven hours. – But they’re also awake more, they’re living life more. – [Natasha] I don’t know. – Than the sleepers. – But Keith, I don’t know
if that ends up working out in the research. When people aren’t sleeping, it starts to affect their heart health. You might feel invisible now and it changes on a dime. So, you mentioned you’ve
got a new baby at home. – Yeah. – So tell me a little bit
about your sleep schedule. – I definitely need to
be getting more sleep. The biggest thing is he just wakes up at 6:00 AM every morning. I have to make sure that I’m going to bed because no matter what,
I’m waking up at 6:00 AM. – [Natasha] How are your bowel movements? – Oh, they’re so good. – [Natasha] They’re good, daily? – I love my BMs. When they hit the water,
it’s like a deer hoof plotting through the woods. – Oh, my goodness. – I learned that on Oprah. – Your bowel movements can tell us a lot about your health. – [Zach] Yeah. – ‘Cause sometimes it’s
related to what you’re eating. But sometimes it’s related
to your stress level. How is your stress level? (blowing raspberries) – Often we think about aging
with physical health only how much is mental health actually affect how long you’ll live? – It’s huge, yeah. It can end up increasing
our risk of heart disease, it increases our risk
of things like diabetes. – I have a newborn baby, so sometimes it’s hard
to find time for myself. – Well, I think one thing we like people to incorporate into their
lives is just mindfulness. Something as simple as doing
some breathing exercises in the morning. (peaceful tones) And hold it for seven seconds. Alright and then exhale for five seconds. And now hold that for eight. And then breath in. There is a healthy level
of stress that you can have where it’s like, I’m a little
stressed about this test, it helps me perform. Keith, can I go ahead and have you cough? (coughing) Perfect. But there’s also a level
of stress that evolves into anxiety or depression. They have trouble eating, they have trouble sleeping, they sometimes become socially withdrawn. Things that they used to like to do they don’t like doing anymore. – Are you gonna be able to
hear through the chest hair? Imagine she listens and
she just hears like zool! – [Natasha] Let’s talk
about sexual health. – [Zach] Sure, what do wanna know? – I don’t know. – [Natasha] If you have a preference for male or female partners or both, the number of sexual partners
you’ve had in the past week, or the past month. I also ask my patients what
body parts they have sex with. The anus, is it the
penis, is it your mouth, like which body parts do you use for sex? (laughing) – Mm-hmm, go head Zach. Go ahead Zach. – A lot of people don’t feel comfortable talking to your PCPs
about their sexual health. – Nah, I’m comfortable with it but the person who I’m seeing– – [Natasha] Oh yeah. – Probably less comfortable with it. – [Natasha] Wouldn’t want– – And if I want to
continue the activities, I should not talk about it. (laughing) – Totally reasonable, yeah, mm-hmm. – Now, we’re just gonna
take a look at your veins. – Here we go. – Is there anything that
you’re worried about or anything that you
anticipate with your labs? – No, but also everything. – The one I’m always terrified
of is the STD testing. – What if we have one of them? – We can treat you. – We’ll make a very interesting video. – Even though I have no reason to believe that I’m positive for any. – I’ll roll the dice. (laughing) – I’m sure you’re fine. I’m sure Ned’s just fine. – Lay it on me, what’s
the good or bad news? – Your blood sugar level, we want that level to be under 100 and yours was 81, which is great. And yours was 77. Yours was 117. – Okay. – Which is totally
normal for having eaten. – Pretty good for just
chowing down a salad. No ‘bedus. – And then we looked at
your liver function as well. Your liver labs, I’m happy
to report, were all normal, so great job. – Thank goodness. (grateful sighing) – So normal total
cholesterol is below 200, so that was good to see. – Wow. – I know, nice job, you
made some really great– – So much lower than I expected. – The triglyceride level, it’s
another type of cholesterol, you want that to be under 150. – 57, that’s barely I
feel like I need more. – Is it Price is Right rules where you want to get as
close to it as possible but still under? – No, I think getting low is
just, you just wanna get low. – Okay, golf. – And so when we break down
your cholesterol even further we look at good cholesterol
and bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol value, it’s the HDL, we want that to be over 40 and yours was 55. So that’s good, that
means you must be eating some fish in your diet, you’re
eating those vegetables, obviously you’re exercising. Eugene, yours was really good. Yours was exactly 40. So we need to talk about ways to boost your good cholesterol. – What, I didn’t even know
there was good cholesterol. – A couple of easy things is
eating fatty fish in your diet. So fish like salmon or albicore tuna. – You guys, my doctor just told me I have to eat more sushi. Thank you. – [Natasha] There you go. – That’s what I’m hearing
from this conversation. – Let’s get to the STI testing, the sexually transmitted
infection testing. And you don’t have chlamydia,
gonorrhea, HIV or syphilis. So those all came back negative. – That’s great news. (dramatic tone) So I took the color test, so you know everything about me now. – So we… (laughing) – Do I have chlamydia? – Color does not test for that. – Oh, that was a different test, okay. – So we analyze 30 different genes related to things like
hereditary high cholesterol. – Uh-huh. – And different heart diseases and we didn’t find any mutations. – Phew, that’s a relief. – So the test came back negative. (sighing) – (long sighing) Thanks. – That’s good, ’cause
if I’m not predisposed to having cholesterol issues, I don’t have to worry about
eating a ton of fried chicken like I already do, so this is great news. (laughing) – So unfortunately, eating
a ton of fried chicken will still contribute to
your cholesterol levels. This doesn’t reverse that. So we did analyze 30 genes related to the most common hereditary cancers. And we didn’t find any mutations or changes in the DNA that would increase your risk for those. – That’s awesome. – Yes, so it came back negative. – Wow. – [Keith] So I’m great? – Yep. – My genes could not be better? – That’s right. – Wow, so if I get cancer
it’s just all my fault. (laughing) – So, that doesn’t guarantee
that you won’t get cancer in the future or that you
don’t have an increased risk based on other genes or
other non-genetic factors. – Standing next to plutonium. – Generally not recommended. – Don’t tell me how to spend my weekends. (laughing) – So we did a test for hereditary cancer. – Yeah. – So we tested for 30 different genes related to the most
common hereditary cancers. – Uh-huh. – To find out if you’re
at an increased risk for things like prostate cancer, colon, pancreas, stomach
cancers, things like that. And we did find one mutation in a gene called BRCA1, or some
people call it BRCA1. – BRCA, yeah I know about BRCA. – Is that something that’s
been tested for in your family or how did you know about it? – So my mother had breast cancer and it was discovered that
she had the BRCA1 gene. I know that it’s very
common in Ashkenazi Jews and that if you have
it, there’s a 50% chance of you passing it down to your children. I put off getting the test ’cause I’m like, I don’t wanna know. – We’re actually feeling
up against the chest wall and we’re trying to see if there’s any lumps or bumps or masses. – Hmm-mm. – And I’m not feeling any. – I know that it effects
women a lot more seriously than men and luckily my sister and the other women in my family
all tested negative for it, which is relieving. But so, so I have it. So what does that mean? – Having that gene
increases your likelihood of getting breast cancer, not a guarantee. – Something like knowing
that I have the BRCA gene can be really scary but instead I’m gonna look at the positive. You know, knowledge is power. – There’s a lot you can do to prevent it. Reducing your risk of cancer often times, it reducing your alcohol intake, eating healthy, fresh
foods is really important, and then exercise is really, really key in cancer reduction. And knowing this know
is just gonna help me make better decisions for
myself as I grow older. – A lot of us take our health for granted. – You only get one body. – It’s not too late, you can be like me, you can maybe be know for eating garbage but you can change that. – You still have about a 95% chance that you wouldn’t develop
pancreatic cancer. – Oh, I thought you were
gonna say 95 chance that I do, holy shit. – [Kelly] No. – Based on what you know, in
your professional opinion, which one of us do you
think will live the longest? – Here’s why I can’t know that is because I don’t know when
you guys walk out of this door what lifestyle changes you’re gonna make. Eating healthy, drinking
water, curbing alcohol intake, exercising, managing your stress, having really strong
interpersonal relationships, sleeping. Those simple things that
we talked about today, you guys could change
your longevity tomorrow by making lifestyle changes. – That was the most
inspirational cop out answer I’ve ever heard. (laughing) – I know, I can’t give you a number. – The title of this video kind of infers– – [Natasha] How old. – That we’re gonna answer the question. – Oh, okay. – Let’s say we make no changes. – Based a lot of sleeping
habits and eating habits and exercising and mental
health and wellness, I’m going to have to point to Ned. (gasping) – How many lies did you
tell during your interview? – Did you guys? (laughing) – Congratulations, Ned,
I’m happy with that answer. – Ned has the child. – Yeah, he’s the person I
want to live the longest. – I have stakes. – And I wanna die soon. (laughing) Now, I know you’re probably uncomfortable saying which one of will die first but which one of the three of us needs to make the life changes the most? – Well, I would say all three of you, (blowing raspberries) actually. – So we’re all gonna die. – [Natasha] Being totally honest– – We can die together. – Oh my God, Eu! – Wow that would so cute. (upbeat rock music) – What’s your favorite fried chicken? – Not the biggest friend
chicken fan, actually. – How credible could you be if you aren’t super into fried chicken.

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    My dad had cancer when I was 4 but lived, my grandma had Parkinsons and died of old age, my other grandma died of cancer, my aunt had colon issues, I have low blood sugar, and I also am very close to having Anorexia.

  • Reply Joselyn Viveros September 10, 2019 at 10:28 am

    I had a dream where a jar was on a table that had the label "cancer" on it. I have no idea who I asked, but I pointed at it and said "am I gonna die from that" and they said yes. THAT'S when I woke up.

    At least I know how I'm gonna die..

  • Reply Yuna Gamerz September 10, 2019 at 11:54 am

    I have 5 hours of sleep.
    But I don't NEED sleep, I can function on 1 hour.
    I think I'm fine then?

  • Reply 헤헤 September 10, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    "people who have less than 7 hours of sleep have a shorter life expectancy"
    Me doing my homework at 1AM: I honestly dont care anymore ;_;

  • Reply Sophia Bird September 12, 2019 at 3:39 am

    “People who sleep less then 7 hours have a shorter life expectancy”

    So basically high school is killing us

  • Reply HemaThe1 September 12, 2019 at 11:48 am

    are we just going to ignore how THERE'S AN ACTUAL CHEETAH ON A LEASH BEHIND EUGENE AT 5:38??

  • Reply J Fee September 14, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    I think the same way as Keith, pure flavour

  • Reply Little Roxy September 15, 2019 at 11:48 am

    This kinda made me upset because they kept saying ways to prevent cancer like exercises and eating healthy but my mom died of breast cancer and she was the healthiest, most active person I’ve ever met! She would run every day and make healthy meals and wouldn’t buy sweets and would eat stuff that are supposed to lower your risk of getting cancer but she still got it. Like even when she was sick she would still go out and run everyday even though she had pain everywhere. When she died it was because of all the stuff they had to do to her liver and her liver couldn’t take it anymore. She was actually on a good track getting rid of a lot of the cancer and the doctors called her their strongest patient.

    If your wondering she started with stage one breast cancer when I was in kindergarten. She got a huge surgery and was cured. Some doctor did and test and told her she wouldn’t get breast cancer again. 1 years later she started feeling strong pains all over her body. She kept going to the doctor but they never tested her for anything. 1 year later someone finally tested her and found stage 4 breast cancer. When she got more tests back she found out the cancer has spread very much and was now in her bones, blood, lungs, and liver too. I just wish someone would’ve tested her because she could’ve been alive right now…… also that doctor that said she’d never get cancer again. I’m very scared one of my 2 sisters or me will get breast cancer when we’re older.

    Thanks for reading this! (Btw she died when I was 9 😭😞💔)

  • Reply Lilah E September 15, 2019 at 8:42 pm

    Aw, Ned was so stressed out this whole video 🙁

  • Reply pharmacy September 17, 2019 at 4:00 am

    i am drunk but natasha is beautiful very cool video guy tries thanks

  • Reply Aryelish September 17, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    I'm just becoming overly protective over Zach ❤️️ Love all the try guys but baby Zach is just too cute!!!

  • Reply Skylar Stankorb September 18, 2019 at 12:01 am

    I atay up until 7 AM every day and sleep like 2 hours am i gonna die

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