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When should I treat a fever?

November 10, 2019

Well you might not even need to treat a fever so all children are going to get fevers, it’s actually the body’s natural
defense mechanism against infection so we heat up the body to try and fight the
infection. So in fact we know that if we don’t
treat a fever, actually the infection might go away
quicker, treating it’s not always necessary. But what we do need to do is
to look out for alarm symptoms: if your child’s really lethargic and they’re not
eating, drinking, playing and interacting that might be a sign that they need
further attention and medical help. If they are eating, drinking and playing, you probably don’t need to do anything if they’re just a little bit grisly, maybe a
dose of Panadol but it’s often not necessary because it’s the body’s
natural defense mechanism.

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