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What is Typhoid Fever? (in Hindi) टाइफाइड बुखार क्यों होता है?

November 9, 2019

So, I’ve observed that a lot of people in India search about Typhoid on Youtube Why do people get Typhoid fever? What are the symptoms of Typhoid? and how to treat it? And why wouldn’t the topic be searched so much! Every year, about 20 million people get Typhoid Out of these, about 2 lakh people even die of the fever. Though the death rate is quite low but where countries like UK and America are almost Typhoid free, India is still fighting this disease and Typhoid is still common in India So (say) you got Typhoid and you took prescribed medicines and you recovered from it as well but if you had already known about this disease then you probably had been better prepared to fight the disease. Right? So, therefore, today we’ll talk about why and how do we get Typhoid? Who knows, we might get it again! So, if you got high fever have a loss in appetite, have headaches, stomach aches, feel tired, got rashes on your body even have an upset stomach then yes, you might have Typhoid. But these symptoms not always point to Typhoid. These symptoms could be for a different disease too. Whether you Typhoid or not, can only be determined by (medical) lab tests like Typhi Dot, Widal Test, Blood Culture and Stool Culture. What is Typhoid? Typhoid, which is also called Typhoid Fever is an infection which happens due to a bacteria called Salmonella Typhi this bacteria enter the body, orally. from where it goes into your intestines from where it spreads through the bloodstream to various parts of the body Though Typhoid isn’t that lethal, only about one to two percent people die of the disease but it Typhoid isn’t cured on time then it can damage various organs in the body and could also cause pneumonia and/or kidney infection. You don’t know if have Typhoid, straight away after coming in contact with Typhoid bacteria. The symptoms are seen only after two to three weeks of coming in contact with the bacteria. Now you must be thinking, how do you get Typhoid? What did I do to get it? How do you get Typhoid? So, places with poor hygiene could cause Typhoid and usually, contaminated water and food are the main culprits. Whoever has Typhoid, his stool and blood carry the Typhoid bacteria. This bacteria spread from person to person through Fecal-oral route that is, if an infected person doesn’t wash hands (after taking a dump) and somehow transfers the bacteria to you and even you eat without washing your hands then the bacteria enters your body and begins it work. The bacteria only reaches the water through an infected person and it can stay there for several weeks. You can even get Typhoid after drinking the infected water. and houseflies! You know where all they sit. Even they could bring the bacteria to our food. Do you know, that some people who had Typhoid and are now cured, may still have the bacteria in their stool. Such people are called – Carrier. People who themselves don’t show any signs of Typhoid, but can infect others. Mary Mallon, who is also known as Typhoid Mary was famous for being a Typhoid carrier. She used to cook in people’s houses and it is believed that she infected about 51 people in America (with Typhoid). Three of which even died. To test if you have Typhoid or not the doctor will test your blood or stool, and starts your treatment after a positive report. You are given antibiotics to treat Typhoid. Antibiotics are those drugs that kill bacterias in your body. In older times, about 20% of people died of Typhoid but this number has fallen to one to two percent after the introduction of Antibiotics. and Typhoid is treated in a few weeks after taking Antibiotics. If you are thinking – What should we do to prevent it? Vaccines! Like many other diseases, there are vaccines available for Typhoid. And people of other countries, like America, when visit India or any other country, where Typhoid is prevalent then they get vaccinated (for Typhoid) before travelling. There are two type of vaccines for Typhoid but they aren’t very effective. They work fine in fifty to eighty percent cases but not always. And you need to get vaccinated after every few years. The most effective ways to prevent Typhoid infection are to drink clean water, eating clean food and to wash hands before eating So, if you liked this video, like I always say, then give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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