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What Is Insulin Resistance?

October 11, 2019

What people need to understand about
type 2 diabetes is it’s really just an overflow paradigm of sugar, there’s just
too much sugar in your body. And it’s like a suitcase – if you put the first few
t-shirts in, then they go into the suitcase no problem. So that’s just like
the sugar in our body. You put a little sugar in the body, no problem it handles
it fine. Once it’s full, you really have a tough time putting in those last two
t-shirts, because it’s full and so you can try and push it down with more force,
but it’s not easy and that’s the same in our body. So the cell, once it fills up
with sugar, just doesn’t want any more sugar. So if you take more sugar it’s
just going to spill out in the blood, and this is what they call insulin
resistance, which is really synonymous with type 2 diabetes. But the problem is
not the insulin or that or something wrong with the cell, the cell is just
full. So you the insulin, which is trying to move the glucose into the cell really
can’t shove any more in. So the solution that we’ve used as doctors is to give
more insulin in a situation where you’re you’ve already got too much insulin. So
you’re taking cell that’s full of sugar and our solution is to cram
more sugar into that cell. So the cell goes “ohhhh, okay.” But eventually it fills up
again and then we give even more insulin. So it’s just like that suitcase. Once
it’s full, we, you know, try and push it down, and it doesn’t go down. So we get a
friend to push it down, right? So it’s like the two of us and it’s like okay
with the two of us we can push it down. But as you put more t-shirts into it, it
gets harder, so then you get a third friend and a fourth friend, and you can
see that is not a very good solution. That’s exactly what we’ve done with
insulin. So because we’re cramming sugar into the cell, we use insulin and more
insulin and more insulin, and eventually it just gets to the point where it
doesn’t work anymore. And it’s like, wouldn’t the better solution
be to get rid of the sugar and the cell so it’s not so overflowing? Same thing with the
suitcase. Rather than getting your friend, why don’t you just take some of the
stuff out? So all you need to do again is either, one, not put sugar in, or two, burn
it all off. And it’s a natural solution, it’s a hundred percent natural. The
fasting is something that anybody can do, has been done for thousands of years, and
has the potential to reverse the disease where the medications are not going to
do anything for you.

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  • Reply Doug McFarlane March 27, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    Can I just buy a larger suitcase? One on wheels preferably.

  • Reply Paradev Paradev May 16, 2019 at 4:30 pm

    Explained very simple.. even a dumb like me can understand

  • Reply Audrey Diggs July 4, 2019 at 1:30 pm


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