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What If The Cold War Didn’t Happen?

November 17, 2019

The Cold War was one of the most interesting
periods of history – an era defined by what didn’t happen, but very well could of. The threat of The Soviet Union and the USA
going to War was so strong that the world teeter on the brink of nuclear war for decades. The time of tension was so great in so many
key areas; peace, politics, economy, technology, society that it lead to a lot of key changes
and events in the world. Without the Cold War there is absolutely no
doubt that the world would have been different. But how different? Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest
Questions – the channel that loves a good theory and a good what if – I am your host
Rebecca Felgate and today I am asking What if The Cold War Never Happened? Before we get into the video why don’t you
tell me what you think the most defining moment in history was? I would say the dropping of the atomic bomb. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
section down below and while you are down there why don’t you leave me a thumbs up
and click on that notification bell so you never miss a big answer. Stick around to the end of the video where
I will be reading comments from a previous video. Description BOX. The Cold War never officially had a start
date and some argue has never really send a true end date either. What we do know is that at some point during
world war 2 and the aftermath, tensions between Soviet Russia and the West soured. The Soviet Union made secret pacts with Germans,
The US and the UK developed the atomic bomb without telling the Soviet Union. Then, after the War, The USSR developed the
Eastern Bloc, a group of Communist states unites by the Soviet and a big threat to the
West. Ultimately both ideology – Communism and
Capitalism found each others ideals abhorrent and untrustworthy… and following Winston
Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech, an unofficial war was trigger – the Cold War. But say that hadn’t happened?! The Cold War was hella expensive. Just because the USA and its Allies never
ended up fighting the Soviet and the rest of the Eastern BLOC, it doesn’t mean that
neither were prepared. The United States spent 17 trillion dollars
on the arms race.. we don’t know exactly how much the Soviet spent as they destroyed
a lot of records when they were failing…. But we know it would have been equal to or
greater than the expenditure of the Americans. Soviet spending on the arms race is one of
the major reasons for their failure as a nation – they couldn’t sustain it and many people
starved. Perhaps if Cold War never happened both countries
would have been economically better off. Although perhaps if the Cold War Never Happened
Russia would have remained a Command Economy for much longer, which may mean that Russia
isn’t the power it is today. Circling back to the Nuclear Weapons – the
world would have far less. At the height, there were around 15,000 nuclear
weapons in the world and this was directly as a result of the cold war. Without the cold war there would be less radioactive
waste from decommissioned weapons dumped in the ocean. Without the Cold War we likely would not have
got man on the moon by 1969…The USSR and the USA were engaged in a space race, each
pooling money and resources into getting to the moon. While countries may have joined together The
words Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin may not mean anything to us and we likely wouldn’t be
planning our Mars 2020 mission. Let’s delve back into tech; satellites were
very much an invention of the cold war but now control the way we communicate across
the world. We can thank Soviet Russia for google maps,
basically. The internet was also born in the cold war
era as funds were pooled into technological one upmanship. We may have arrived to the smart phone era
eventually, but I’d wager a lot of tech created in the cold war era was done so under
the pressure of urgency. Perhaps left to our own devices technological
innovation would have been way slower. Without the cold war, the Vietnam War would
have been different. The USA likely wouldn’t haven’t have joined
– Russia maybe wouldn’t have pushed China into it and perhaps france would have retained
their stronghold and kept their colony. The independence of Vietnam further marked
the end of the colonial era…I wonder where we would be in terms of free nations today
had it not happened. It is very likely that the Korean War would
never have happened without Cold War era tensions, which would mean that Korea would likely still
be unified today. No crazy Kim Jong Un… but what in his place? What of the Berlin Wall? That is a slice of history deeply created
and curated by the cold war, and what of American relations with Cuba? Would Fidel Castro still have lead his Communist
revolution? Perhaps. Socially, things would have been very different
in the United States. Without the wide spread fear of communism
that came from the Cold War, perhaps the US wouldn’t be so staunch when it comes to
Capitalism. Perhaps we would have seen a softer Republican
Party ? Although I would argue that the race divide would have been even stronger without
the external enemy of the Russian steamroller to fear. Without the Cold War the US wouldn’t have
interfered in the Vietnam War and the Korean war…these wars were a huge influencing factor
in the Hippy movement of the 1960s and 70s… would there be hippies if there was no war
to define themselves against? What would have happened to John Lennon? Ultimately questions like this are just so
big it is hard to answer them in a few minutes. There is also the knock on effect the lack
of Cold War would have had on other countries, like China, for example. Would they have developed like they did if
United States and Soviet attention wasn’t divided. Would a cold war have developed afresh between
China and either the states of the soviet? Suffice to say, without the Cold War, Putin
and Trumps relationship would likely be pretty different…. As would the mood of world politics as we
know it…. Who is to say if it was for the better or
worse? I think there are some arguments to be made
for the Cold War being a good think, especially for technology and innovation… and there
were lessons learned in restraint too… but as with all historical what ifs… who really
knows? For the cold war to never happen The USA would
have had to accept Communism as an alternative way of living, and the USSR would have had
to accept capitalism. The pair would have had to have been far more
honest with one another from the very beginning of their alliance and been accepting and cooperative
in success, rather than jealous and greedy. So we are gonna leave this video here – let
me know what you think would happen if there was never a cold war and don’t forget to
tell me what you think the biggest event in history was. We need a little love…. Comments from What if Cupid was Real
Dax Bee said: What if Cupid was Real? Answer: Wanted…cupid….prize 500 million
dollars, its hunting time. S Tagerius said: I don’t believe that love
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