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What If? Putting Type 1 Diabetes Into Perspective

October 12, 2019

What if you had to inject insulin every day
for the rest of your life to stay alive How would you feel What if you needed all this just to stay alive What if you had to watch your 2 year old have
a tantrum because their blood sugar was so low they had no idea what was going on What if you had to watch this and hope and pray that their blood sugar comes up fast enough that you don’t have to hold them down and pin them down and shove food down their
throat again What if you had to watch your 4 year old test
his blood sugar several times a day What if you constantly feel like a human pin
cushion from all the finger sticks, sensor changes, and infusion site changes What if every decision that you make for the rest of your life every single day revolved around a single number And that number can be different every time In order to get that number you have to prick your finger every single time and based on that number is a decision that you’ll make What if you had to wake up several times a night just to test your blood sugar to make
sure you would make it to the morning What if one day my children were like me and
ended up with type 1 diabetes also What if you had a type 1 diabetic child or
yourself and not only were you given the lovely amoxicillin for having strep but you also
had to deal with your normal stuff every single day that you have What if you were doing a craft and you had to stop doing what you were doing to have your child check her blood sugar to make sure she was okay What if every morning before you get behind the wheel of your car or anytime you get behind the wheel of your car you have to know these numbers Their life depends on it What if when you got off work and were ready
to go to the gym and do your workout you had to check your blood sugar to see what it was Right now I’m 147 and I’m dropping so that means I’m going to do my workout however I’m
going to have keep an eye on my watch to make sure I don’t drop too low If I drop too low I’ll have to stop my workout, eat a little bit of carbs, and then hopefully
be able to continue my workout What if you have a disease and you can deal
with it but you just don’t want them to have to deal with it so you worry every day What if you have to explain to your children before
they can even talk what diabetes is or what an insulin pump is and why they can’t touch
the thing on mommy’s arm I woke up at 374 almost doubled the
number I went to bed with It is so frustrating What if you had a disease, like I said you can’t You have no idea what it does and why When I’m high you feel so tired
You wake up with a headache It is just so exhausting and so frustrating
knowing that I thought that I did everything fine going to bed last night 169 that was
an hour after I ate I thought everything was okay
And then I wake up and double my number What if you had to constantly explain what the effect of having a high glucose has on your ability to communicate What if it took all day to just feel normal again What if it took not going to school, what if it took multiple shots, 16 glasses of water,
and no rest at all What if that’s how much it took to feel normal Diabetics go through this Diabetics need a cure What if your very life depended on this incredibly expensive little vial of fluid every day just
to stay alive What if your life came down to this inject or die What if there actually was a cure for diabetes 10’s of millions of people worldwide with diabetes ask that what if every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every year, for possibly their entire life What if you were told when you were diagnosed with diabetes that there would be a cure in 5 years and you were told that 30 years ago And what if you were diagnosed with diabetes tomorrow So what if this was your life What if this was your child’s life Living with an incurable disease that is so misunderstood How funny is diabetes now

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