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Video #4: The Incredible Benefits of the Mastering Diabetes Method (Get Your Best A1c Workshop)

January 31, 2020

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD: Welcome back. Weíre glad that youíre here with us for
our final video in this series. Weíve received some feedback from viewers
who are skeptical that becoming insulin sensitive can actually improve their overall health. Many people have told us that they are afraid
of eating carbohydrate-rich foods because it goes against EVERYTHING that theyíve been
taught up to this point. You know, weíre the first people to tell
you that WE COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND because we used to have that same mindset. In fact, many of our members feel skeptical
until they put the Mastering Diabetes Method to work for them, only to find that theyíre
the healthiest theyíve been in YEARS, with the lowest A1c theyíve had in YEARS, and
they are at their ideal body weight for the first time in YEARS. Tami: My life improved tenfold. When I couldnít walk in a grocery store without
my fingers swelling up, or my knees if I walked around the block, my knees getting so swollen
that I couldnítÖ I couldnít go and work out. About four and a half months after starting
my efforts in the program my A1c was now 5.3%. Kinjal: Iím not counting calories, Iím losing
weight, I feel great. Mind is clear, body feels so much better. I mean, itís all positive, I feel like Iím
in my twenties. Sanna: My Stage 3 Kidney Disease is actually
in remission. In ten weeks, only in ten weeks my kidney
disease biomarkers were dropped. I donít have to see my kidney doctor anymore,
Iím in remission, which is awesome because I had disease almost six years and thereís
nothing, nothing that couldíve helped me, and then Mastering Diabetes came along and
now Iím here. Jason: My energy levels are better, my kidney
hasnít bothered me. Carb ratio in my pump was 1:6 or 1:8, I was
taking about 60 to 70 units a day, maybe 80. But now I eat about 500 to 700 grams of carb
a day and I take about 25 units of insulin total, Lantus and Humalog. Just last week, mid-August, 5.7% is my most
recent A1c. John: Four months down the road, I get at
home my A1c check and it came back as 5.0%. Cholesterol, when I was 250 pounds it was
250, ended up losing 80 pounds, my cholesterol was 160. I just, I cannotÖ I just absolutely couldnít
believe it when I looked down on the scale and I went below 170. Paul: To mark 40 years of living with type
1 diabetes, I went out and ran 40 half marathons in one year. My reason for switching to a plant-based diet
was that I couldnít recover from exercise and it was taking me six to eight weeks to
recover from a half marathon, and to go from six to eight weeks to recovering from a half
marathon in six days itís just a world of difference. Raj: Within a week my fasting blood sugars
went from 150s into the hundreds. The first month I lost about 12 pounds, the
second month it was another 10 pounds. So, where I am today, itís been seven months,
Iím down almost 60 pounds, my fasting blood sugars on a daily basis are absolutely under
100, usually plus or minus a couple of points around 90. Weightís down, my A1c just last month was
5.2%, so I dropped from 7.4%. Iím off Metformin, Iím not taking any pills. Most recently my total cholesterol is 149,
so right underneath that 150 mark for long term health. My doctor after looking at the results basically
said, ìOh my God, whatís going on? This just is a miracleî, heís never seen
anything like it, especially on a natural basis and he wants to know more. When youíre eating this way and your sugar
numbers drop, your fasting blood sugar numbers drop, your cholesterol drop, so quickly, your
body is thanking you and you have to listen up for that. So, those who are doubting that this method
works, let the numbers speak for itself. Patricia: I lost 38 pounds, feel better than
I have probably in 20 years, Iíve started exercising again, I had my blood work improve
across the board, so I went from all those red markers for cholesterol to green markers. At the end of six months, my A1c started at
7.1%, it went to 6.4% at the end of the four month period, and then it was 5.6% at my most
recent blood work. Tina: What I found personally, for me was
as soon as I started feeding my body the right foods, my body knew exactly what to do. It felt like it just went on autopilot, it
started healing itself, and it was healing itself rapidly, I mean, itís amazing. My starting A1c was 10.6%, 3 months later,
which is just a couple of weeks ago, I got retested and it was 5.4%. Iíve lost 53 pounds and Iím continuing to
lose weight. Iím sleeping better, lifeís just so much
better on so many different levels. I donít feel that things are happening to
me anymore, I feel that Iím a part in creating whatís going on for my body and for my life. Josh: 27 carbs in the morning, no more than
60 at lunch, and no more than 60 at dinner time, and that was all I was eating. No snacks, they didnít want me eating any
snacks or nothing. Now, turn around to the plant-based: 800 carbs
a day. A1cs no higher than a 6%, ever for the past
two years, you know, thatísÖ Every diabetic should know this. Every single diabetic. Now, If you become insulin sensitive using
your food as medicine and follow our recommendations to a TEE, you WILL feel better, you WILL achieve
your ideal body weight, you WILL gain energy, you WILL improve your blood glucose, you WILL
drop your A1c valueÖ and unlike other programs, we GUARANTEE your success. Robby Barbaro: Now weíve created a program
that teaches the Mastering Diabetes Method and works like WILDFIRE and itís changed
the lives of THOUSANDS of people around the world. Just imagine ñ what if you had access to
a step-by-step course which told you EXACTLY what to eat to maximize your insulin sensitivity? What if you had a plan in front of you that
told you WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and HOW to do it so that you would feel less overwhelmed
and more in control? What if every time you had a question, an
experienced expert coach answered your question within 24 hours?† What if you had access to a community of thousands
of other people just like you going through the EXACT same process?† In the Mastering Diabetes Coaching Program,
youíll get access to our custom-built online course that contains videos and PDF handouts
that give you a STEP-BY-STEP method for transitioning to a low-fat, plant-based, whole-food diet. In this course, youíll learn how to set goals
that are REALISTIC, QUANTIFIABLE, AND ACHIEVABLE. Youíll begin eating breakfast, lunch, and
dinner meals containing carbohydrate-rich food that not only prevents your blood glucose
from going high, but actually REDUCES your blood glucose values. Youíll have the opportunity to participate
in weekly ONLINE GROUP FASTS led by your team of expert coaches in which youíll gain insulin
sensitivity with other people. Weíll teach you how to talk with your doctor
to reduce your medication needs so that you can take less pills and get BETTER blood glucose
control, better blood pressure, and better cholesterol. If you are insulin-dependent, weíll teach
you how to adjust your basal rate and how to adjust your carbohydrate:insulin ratio. Weíll teach you how to grocery shop on a
budget, how to batch prep food like a champ. Weíll teach you how and when to move your
body to increase your insulin sensitivity. Weíll also teach you how to control your
blood glucose before, during, and after exercise. Not only that, weíll give you access to more
than 100 mouth-watering recipes that are incredibly tasty, filling, gorgeous, and are sure to
knock your socks off. You get access to a private online community
with thousands of people all around the world who are following the SAME approach. These people are amazing, and we hand select
our clients to make sure that everyone who is in the group is 1000% positive and respectful
of each other. Our team of expert coaches moderates this
group every day, and guarantees that youíll get a response to your questions within 24
hours.† Youíll get the opportunity to learn from
Kylie Buckner, a registered nurse and nurse educator with over 20 years of experience,
from Adam Sud, a health coach who has reversed type 2 diabetes and compulsive eating, and
Marc Ramirez, a former football player who reversed type 2 diabetes and erectile dysfunction. In our online community, you can ask questions,
share pictures of the food youíre eating, take pictures of your workouts, and learn
about how others are changing their lifestyles as well. Think of this as a way to FAST TRACK your
way to success, by learning pro-tips from others who are going through this process
with you. Youíll also get access to twice-monthly LIVE
group videoconferences. We provide you with a link, you click on that
link and it magically transports you into a video teleconference with expert coaches
and other people in the program. On this video call, you bring your questions
and learn from others in real-time. These calls usually last about 90-120 minutes,
and you can join using your computer or your smartphone or just any old regular telephone. If youíre on the road or traveling away from
home, you can STILL participate as long as you have access to the internet or a phone. All calls are recorded, so you can watch the
replay if you missed the call that week. Now if youíre on the fence about whether
this will work for you and are looking for a higher touch, you can also choose to participate
in weekly small group videoconferences in which youíll have the ability to work with
our coachesí staff much more intimately. In those weekly videoconferences, youíll
get attention in a group of up to 10 people, and have a unique opportunity to dive deeper
into questions, and get more support than ever before. And if youíre still looking for more guidance,
we also have a private coaching, this is an option which allows you to work 1-on-1 with
your coach. Every week, youíll have an opportunity to
talk 1-on-1 with your coach over the phone and continue stepping through the Mastering
Diabetes Method with full guidance. Youíll also have the chance to text message
with your coach whenever you need it, in case you want more inspiration, guidance, or just
want to share and show off the foods that youíre eating. The reason weíve set up the Mastering Diabetes
Coaching Program this way is because we want to provide you with an infrastructure that
GUARANTEES your success. Youíll set yourself up to succeed brilliantly,
the same way that more than 3,000 people have already†done so. We want to make it CHALLENGING for you to
make poor decisions. Our team is here with you 100% of the way. Surrounding yourself with expert coaches who
have been in your shoes, as well as thousands of other people around the world, your chances
of achieving the body youíve always wanted AND the health youíve always DREAMED about
is right at your fingertips. And like we mentioned earlier, weíll give
you access to more than 100 mouth-watering and colorful recipes containing the most nutrient-dense
foods on the planet. If youíve been daydreaming about eating foods
like tropical fruit bowls including sweet fruits like bananas, papayas, and mangoes,
or dishes containing sweet potatoes, squash, corn, beans, lentils, peas, or intact whole
grains, then STOP daydreaming and start equipping your muscles and liver to use whole carbohydrate-energy
like a champ. We know how disastrous food cravings can be,
so itís time to satisfy your sweet tooth with the delicious flavors of your favorite
fruits, and time to satisfy your cravings for starchy vegetables with potatoes, sweet
potatoes, yams, and hearty soups containing beans, squash, corn, and lentils. The truth is that thereís only ONE way to
control your blood glucose like a champ AND INCREASE your longevity at the same time. And thatís by FULLY integrating a low-fat,
plant-based, whole-food lifestyle today and into the future, and STICKING with it for
many years to come. The evidence-based research about the longest-lived
societies is VERY CLEAR ñ†populations around the planet with the longest lifespans eat
plant-based diets, and not a SINGLE one of them eats a low-carbohydrate diet. If you want to reverse insulin resistance
AND maximize the number of days you live on this planet, there is no better way to achieve
that than adopting a low-fat, plant-based, whole-food diet. This game is about controlling your blood
glucose now, and DROPPING your risk for chronic diseases into the future. If youíre looking for the best health youíve
had in years AND are excited about reducing your risk for other chronic diseases in the
future to maximize your longevity, CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW TO GET STARTED TODAY. Cyrus Khambatta, PhD: Now we know what you
may be thinkingÖ You may be thinking, ìWell, Iíve tried eating this way before, and my
blood glucose actually went up.î Now, if you have put in the effort to make
dietary changes, pat yourself on the back. That is actually a big deal. Taking that first step is the first part of
the process. Itís troubleshooting issues like mysteriously
high blood glucose which led us to create our coaching program in the first place, because
it was happening to Robby and myself as well. There are a wide number of reasons that could
cause your blood glucose to go up and our coaches are specifically trained to be able
to catch them and help you solve these problems QUICKLY. We guarantee that weíll be able to help you
lower your blood glucose, and we have solved countless blood glucose mysteries and we can’t
wait to do the same for you.† You also might also be thinking, ìI donít
know how to cook and I donít have the time to cook, guys.î In todayís fast-paced world,
itís not uncommon to have zero time to prepare meals. We fully understand this and we understand
how navigating the nuances of YOUR day-to-day life is very unique. Weíll work with you to walk you through your
exact challenges and provide convenient solutions that not only work for you, that work for
your schedule, that works for your family, and they result in you eating foods that you
LOVE. You might also be thinking, ìWell, Cyrus,
Robby, my doctor doesnít approve of this way of eating.î Unfortunately, most doctors
are not aware of the power of the Mastering Diabetes Method. If your doctor does not support your new way
of eating, then we can teach you specific strategies to have a non-threatening conversation
with your doctor and also help you find a plant-based doctor who specializes in lifestyle
medicine. We have a vast network of plant-based physicians
and enjoy connecting our members with doctors who not only support low-fat, plant-based,
whole-food nutrition, but they ENCOURAGE it, and they encourage the Mastering Diabetes
Program. We are NOT the food police, but we are here
to point you in the right direction, to help you make excellent choices, and to help you
design a sustainable lifestyle that is sure to pay you DIVIDENDS in return. We know because weíve done it thousands of
times before, and now itís YOUR turn to feel the best youíve felt in years. Robby Barbaro: If you delay your decision,
not only will the price go up, but you may lose your opportunity to join. Weíre not sure when weíll open the coaching
program again, so join now before itís too late.† The demand for the coaching program is very
high, and weíd love to be able to let everyone inside, but we only open up registration selectively,
so NOW IS YOUR TIME TO JOIN. We donít want you to miss out on this opportunity
to get your BEST A1c and feel the best youíve felt in years, so join the coaching program
today before itís too late. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to kiss insulin resistance
GOODBYE, so we highly recommend joining the program now before we close the doors and
raise the price.† And remember, we GUARANTEE your success. Do the program for 30 days EXACTLY the way
we describe, and show us 14 days of proof. If you donít see any changes in your blood
glucose and insulin sensitivity, weíll give you your money back. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to
gain. Click on the button below and join us today
before itís too late.

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