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Vaping The Cold Buster Xtreme Blend –

November 10, 2019

Maybe this should be the love potion one.
The only this is it is a little harsh on the throat. But I guess love can be a little harsh
on the throat. It depends who you date. Cold Buster Xtreme, so we have a little bit of
peppermint. Eucalyptus in here, rosemary, Basil, clove I think. I am all for the clove,
because I used to smoke these cigarettes called bally highs. They were the nastiest cigarettes
ever and they smelled like elephant shit. I smoked them so I think clove is going to
be refreshing. Smoking Elephant shit. You know the clove and eucalyptus is really going
to help the throat, if you have a sore throat. I guess this is supposed to relieve your cold
like symptoms if you are feeling under the weather it is supposed to clear up your throat.
Monica. oh that burned my throat. That is…how was that…its strong. I can breath. Do you
feel it. I do feel it. Oh that is a interesting combo. It tingles your tongue. It totally
tingles your tongue. Wow. That clove and eucalyptus is very interesting of a combo. It is crazy.
I like it. Clove is good. Yeah clove. definitely clove. It is pretty extreme. I have to say.
Now I know where the Xtreme part came in. Yeah this one is a little terrible. This is
terrible. My tongue is going numb. Yeah. I am dying. Hold on. I still got boogers this
is not working. It is not working. Italian blend would be bomb. Take all the stuff out
like a pizza blend. Why not. This isn’t pringles! Oh my lips are burning and my mouth is numb.
I like it for its numbing properties. I feel like I can breath better. Like. This cold
has been busted. If I had a cold, it would be busted. I really like this, hold on one
second. Oh hey! Look it, it is the peppermint that has cleared he nasal cavities. My nasal
cavities…I only have a little bit of boogers now.

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    That's da bomb LOL 🙂

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