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Using Other Fuels (Not Glucose) To Produce ATP

September 5, 2019

This tiny teaches about using other fuels besides glucose to produce ATP We tend to follow glucose through cellular respiration Because it starts at the very first step of ATP production But we can produce ATP from other fuels like protein and fats For example glucose isn’t common in the human diet. We tend to eat sugars like fructose or sucrose what we need to do is just break the nutrient molecule down to its monomer or building block and feed that in to something like the bridge or the Kreb’s cycle or later into the glycolysis cycle Proteins are broken down into amino acids, and those can either enter the bridge or into the Kreb’s cycle Fats are broken down into glycerol and fatty acids Glycerol feeds into glycolysis and fatty acids actually feed into the bridge Because they don’t start at step one of glycolysis They will not produce as much ATP as we can see in some cases They’ll actually bypass glycolysis altogether if they bypass glycolysis altogether They won’t produce the net two ATP We produced in glycolysis and the two NADH we would actually produce and glycolysis So sometimes when you use another fuel besides Glucose you won’t produce as much ATP as a result

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