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The REAL cause of type 2 diabetes – too much insulin, not too little

October 12, 2019

EVERYONE KNOWS……… diabetes is caused
by a shortage of insulin. Not enough insulin, leaves you unable to move sugars out of the
blood, into the cells. The resulting elevated sugar levels are T-R-0-U-B-L-E. So, to fix
the problem – you need MORE insulin. MORE insulin ? It’s relative. In type 1 diabetes,
you’re genuinely deficient. Your immune system, woke up one morning, took a look at
the beta cells in your pancreas and said……..OUT DAMN SPOT, OUT ! It mounted a systematic attack
on the beta cells, destroying them. So, there is NO insulin. You need some. But in type
2 diabetes, that’s not the story…….. you’re insulin resistant. This means, you’ve
got more than enough insulin floating through the pipes – the trouble is, the insulin
has NO WHERE to go. The “deficiency” is NOT because of an absence of insulin, the
insulin that is present, just doesn’t get the job done. Your problem, is EXCESS insulin.
Not too little. So why do we try to “fix” type 2 diabetes, by sending in MORE insulin
? Join us for this episode of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY TV, as we investigate the pros and
cons of MORE insulin, in type 2 diabetes. Better Body Chemistry TV is brought to you
by Dr Sandy – a scientist turned gremlin buster, HELPING YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps
& other health horribles, through BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. Remember, small things can make
a big difference to your health. Well, the reason we’re sending in more insulin is
because insulin can bring sugar levels down and ………………..sugar is the killer
! High sugar KILL, literally. Blood vessels are particularly vulnerable…….. Damaged
blood vessels lead cause THE problems associated with type 2 diabetes. cardiovascular disease,
blindness kidney failure, neuropathy etc. So bringing down sugar levels IS THE IMPERATIVE.
But, should it be done, by raising insulin levels ? Probably NOT. Insulin is not an innocent
bystander. It’s a player…………… This is what a group of researchers found,
when they took “normal” mice, fed them a “normal” diet and gave them, EXCESS
insulin. 32 times more than normal. If that sounds like an awful lot, it is and it isn’t.
Normally fasting insulin levels should be below 10, but levels over a hundred, are often
found in people suffering from hyperinsulinemia. The mice, were given a daily injection of
glargine, for 8 weeks. Glargine, is the version of insulin that is used in insulin therapy
– it is classified as a long acting insulin. The team observed what happened. Fasting glucose
levels, food intake and weight were checked on a weekly basis. But the real monitoring
took place, at the end of the 8 weeks, when the animals were “sacrificed”- the blood
and tissue samples were then analysed for all sorts of things. First things first…………..
The animals were MORE insulin resistant. This really shouldn’t come as a big surprise………….
the more nagging that happens, the less listening happens. The “surprises” came in what
else happened. First off, the mice got fatter. Not so much on the outside, but on the inside.
And interestingly enough, they appeared to actually be eating a little less. Their fasting
blood sugar levels, started to rise. At the 8 week mark, the difference was significant
i.e. it was big enough, to be considered a real difference, not something that was just
happening by chance. The islets in the pancreas, began “disappearing”. There were less
of them and they had shrunk. OUCH ! To all intents and purposes, the mice had developed,
type 2 diabetes. Insulin caused the problem NOT FOOD. Remember, these little guys were
eating ordinary mouse chow. They were not pigging out on the mouse equivalent of MacDonalds
hamburgers. The CURE is the CAUSE of disease. Reining in insulin, should be a priority………..
it makes you fat and puts you at risk of type 2 diabetes. Candy Flossing will help. Download
our free WILLPOWER report to learn how. And begin the journey today to creating BETTER
BODY CHEMISTRY. Interested in discovering more ways to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY,
so you optimize your health and the health of your family ? Visit our website at www
better body chemistry dot com, browse our library or enrol in one of our courses or
programmes. The advice is simple to follow and based on real science, not hype. Know
someone who is at risk of diabetes ? Share this video with them – so they realize,
the battle is against hyperinsulinemia. And if you enjoyed the video, be sure to subscribe
to our channel, so you catch future episodes of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY TV. Thank you so
much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Remember, small things can make a big
difference to your health.

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