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Surgery on Extreme Hole in Diabetic Foot with Neuropathy: Can Toe Bro Help Close the Hole?

August 30, 2019

>Today’s treatment can vary.>>After this treatment,>Yes.>>When can I go to work?>You can go right back to work.>>Oh, really?>Yeah, yeah. The only difference what we’re doing today is we’re cleaning up the wound. We’re making it healthier,>>Okay.>So that way it can heal better.>So not only are we gonna remove the dead skin, but we’re gonna give it the laser to increase blood flow. What you need to do is you need to reduce the pressure on your feet while you’re walking; that way it doesn’t build up so much hard skin and this thing can heal. Okay?>>Yeah.>So you just sit back, relax. I know we just tested your feeling. You have no feeling in the feet but if you feel discomfort you let me know, okay?>>Sure.>So I’ve been pretty impressed by your dressing. That’s pretty good. How often do you dress it?>>How, how often change?>Yes. How often do you change it?>>Every two days.>Okay.>And what’s the medicine you’re using?>>For, for what?>To change it?>>They put antibiotic material on this. That one you know?>Yep, yep. Do you know the name?>>And also…>>No, but I take antibiotic and they when they change the dressing they put the material material on.>Okay, okay.>>With antibiotic, antibotic materials and a piece of, you know…>So the goal here is to remove as much of this dead, bad skin so the new skin can come and heal this area.>>You, you take you talking to camera?>No, I’m talking to you! (laughter)>No, that’s our goal…>>Okay.>is to remove all this dead skin.>Yeah, we got to make this as clean as we can.>So we want the edges of the wound to be fresh. So we want it to bleed a little bit…>>That’s fine.>and that’s a it’s a good thing.>>That’s fine, that’s fine. It’s no use, no use for me.>>Because Rosenberg did this two times…>He did?>>Yeah that’s how I know because first time I was so scared because I think oh, no, no!>No freezing!>>No freezing! You know how how are we feel, but I didn’t feel anything.>Any pain?>>No.>No. That’s the scary thing. So like we discussed, being diabetic with no feeling in your feet, protection is very important. You should start looking at your feet every single day, at the bottom. Before after work, you should check your shoes. Make sure there’s nothing in your shoes. Any little pebble, any little stone…>>No, those shoes. It was not cheap, cheap shoes. I bought you know from higher shelf and they did me this and I threw it and I bring the shoes from from my country…>Yeah. leather shoes very light. Of course safety boots…>Yeah.>>and that shoe doesn’t mean anything… no more…>>How so you say…>Blister.>>Yeah.>So now we’re scraping the wound itself. Any pain?>>No.>Get rid of some of this dead, bad skin on top of the wound, so it’s fresh.>>Uh, what do you think about, uh oxygen? Did you hear about…>Yep.>>I been there before came here because this is at Otter Lake Ontario>Yeah. Yeah, yeah,>>I’ve been there and the young girl she she said I need a, um>You need a referral.>>Yeah, a referral from my doctor.>Yes.>>What do you think about his?>It works very well.>>I know..>But that’s a problem>It comes down to pressure You can do all the treatment in the world, but if you don’t remove the pressure on your feet when you’re working, this won’t heal.>>Okay.>Okay, so bury That chamber works Having this scrape down works. Doing a laser, what we’ll be doing today, works.>>Okay.>>If I go if he’s nothing happen I I have I can go there anyway that in that time or just…>Yeah.>>or just schedule something.>No, you can go there, you can get that done plus us doing laser all these things will be good.>All these things will be good>>I have to…>You have to get a referral. Yeah, I know unfortunately I can’t write the referral for you.>>You cannot?>No.>So, this one looks nice and healthy now, so we’re gonna apply the laser.>>Um hum>Luckily the wound does not go deep. Does not go… into your…>>Bone? into your bone deeper into the tissue.
Okay?>>So it’s okay now?>It’s okay.>So I’m gonna keep this covered and we’re gonna do the laser. Okay?>>All right. Just like that So we apply the laser for around three minutes. We dress the wound. That’s all we have to do, okay. This is gonna increase the blood flow for the next two to four days, and this is what’s gonna allow it to heal. We come back to make it a little bit more easier for you. I would say we just come back in two weeks. We scrape down all the dead skin and apply at least yes always always always Because of the way your foot is, this is a pressure point so you’re always gonna get callus to build up. We always have to make sure you don’t have callus on your foot because the callus will clog the wound and that’s why it hasn’t been healing. We have to keep it fresh. It has to close from the outside in. mm-hmm If hard skin grows on top, it won’t heal. It’ll become a pocket like a cave. We always have to leave it open and make sure the edges are always fresh so that way you can heal from that outside in. So the circle should get smaller and smaller and smaller.>>Rosenberger we did one time that’s it and put the Nora this takes multiple times>And it’s the the padding like we discussed. Once you offload the wound now, we can get this to heal.>Okay?

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  • Reply Andrew Sewell May 31, 2019 at 9:39 am

    Im diabetic and I have a little purple dot on the bottom of my big toe. I have feeling in my foot and there were no injuries but i do remember walking barefoot and where i live there are these plants with thorns on them and i stepped on one and there was a thorn right where the dot was. But theres no actual open wound. Theres no pain until i press on it but it used to be red and swollen. Its still swollen but now theres a little purple dot in the middle of the swollen area.

  • Reply Cathi Bratter May 31, 2019 at 5:44 pm

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