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Study warns of high suger levels in some bread sold in S. Korea

September 13, 2019

now more and more Koreans are choosing
to eat bread rather than rice or at least more bread than rice with bread
lovers going on bakery tours even to taste the the best of the best from
across the country however a recent study has found that the sugar content
in some bread especially the cheaper more well known brands is similar to
that get this of soft drinks park se-young with more bread is popular both
as a staple food and a snack from the dozens of options at bakeries customers
tend to have their favorites my son tends to choose
sweet ones like cream filled bread covered in chocolate however customers
need to watch out for the surprisingly high amount of sugar in bread according
to a study of 199 items from bakeries supermarkets and convenience stores the
average sugar content of bakery items was 23 grams the World Health
Organization recommends that adults eat no more than 50 grams of sugar a day a
serving of cakes contain the most sugar followed by red bean bread and cream
fill bread those that get used to sweet foods at a young age tend to refuse
ev’ry foods as adults sugar causes blood sugar levels to surge and can lead to
obesity diabetes and metabolic problems in collaboration with the bakery
industry Korea’s food ministry plans to provide more healthy bread options with
reduced sugar it also recommends that consumers check the nutrition label when
buying bread companies said they’ll try to further extend the production of
healthy bread we plan to provide a guideline for the industry sugar
reduction since healthy options are already available education about eating
habits at home and at school is crucial park se-young arirang news

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