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Stone Cold – The Best Movie You Never Saw

November 8, 2019

A JoBlo Movie Network Exclusive
(I want you to hit me as hard as you can) ♪ Energetic music ♪ ♪ ♪ The Best Movie You Never Saw Hey everybody, it’s Chris Bumbray for Here again with a video edition
of ‘The Best Movie You Never Saw’ And this week we’re gonna talk about a movie
I remember catching on cable back in the day.. Stone Cold A 1991 actioner, starring former
football player Brian The Boz Bosworth. Now, first the primer, The Boz was a famous
college football player back in the day. Known for his wild antics on the field, something
which carried over into his short-lived NFL career. He played for the Seattle Seahawks for two years,
before wrecking his knee and ending his NFL career. Now, his outspoken personality and
rock star style made him a bit of an icon. So even if his NFL career was considered something
of a buzz, given all the hype surrounding him, Hollywood still came a-knocking. Back in his era action flicks were king. Arguably, there were
three tiers of action movies: On top of the heap there were the Sylvester Stallone,
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis movies. Just below them were the Jean-Claude
Van Damme and Steven Seagal films. Formerly, those ranks were bolstered
by Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson. But both saw their respective box offices plummet,
opening the doors for new entrees into the B-list. And on the third tier where the DTV action stars, like Lorenzo Lamas and Jeff Wincott,
who never really broke though. In the early 90’s a lot of guys
tried to break into the second tier, including Jeff Speakman with the Perfect Weapon, Mark Dacascos, who you may have all seen
in John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum with a movie, called Only the Strong. And infamously, Andrew Dice Clay
with the Adventures of Ford Fairlane. “Now, get the fuck outta here.” Arguably, The Boz had one of the stronger vehicles,
being the classic undercover cop type thriller. In which he plays a cop on the edge. And let me tell you, there are no other
kinds in 80’s and 90’s action movies. In it he infiltrates a terrorist biker gang,
led by Lance Henriksen’s messianic villain Chains. Now, Bosworth is actually fairly
well-cast as far as these things go. I mean, he looks like a rock and roller
with his double frosted mullet and bruiser physique. I mean, I actually kinda
believe him as a biker in this. I’m not sure if more polished guy,
like Van Damme could’ve pulled it off. And Seagal?
Nah, there’s just no chance. (Faintly)
I’m a cop.. (Breathing heavily) My wife and family were murdered. Dolph Lundgren? Maybe, the Boz nails it.
He looks like he parties hard. And it meshes well with this world, only bested by, maybe, Charlie Sheen in his similar underrated flick, called
Beyond The Law, that hit cable around that time. Now, I’m not gonna pretend this is anything
other than a by-the-numbers goofy action flick. In fact, with a less talented cast and crew,
this might’ve been really bad. And sure enough, co-stars William Forsythe
and Lance Henriksen have both gone on record, talking about what a mess the original script was. To quote Forsythe: “Oh yeah. Worst script ever written. We had no script. Madness. I just actually
saw Lance Henriksen recently and we laughed, because.. basically, I don’t think there was one line
from the script that was actually said in the movie. We made up our parts, which is why,
I think, it has this cult life.” “Lance and I, we’re shocked to this
day, because we were making this film, you know, well, we really didn’t have
anything in it other than what we were doing. It’s shocking, when I go to a conventions, how many
people come up to me and talk to me about this film. So it’s something of a cult movie.” Now, the original director was,
apparently, sacked in favor of Craig R. Baxley. Who previously directed
“I Come In Peace” with Dolph Lundgren, and gave Henriksen and Forsythe
some much needed leeway. To quote Henriksen: “So I knew a new director was coming in,
and I met him in the lobby right after plane. And I said, “Hi, I’m Lance and blah-blah-blah.” And I said, “We’re really in trouble, man.” And at the risk of being fired, I said to him,
“You can’t do what this guy wrote. Because what he had written, every line that I had,
was Biblical, I mean right out of the Bible.” And I said, “Wait a minute. The minute I open
my mouth, the audience is gonna lean back and go, “I’m not listening to this jerk.”” “So anyway,” I said. “We’re gonna have to improvise
it all. I don’t wanna change the narrative or the scenes that have to happen. But everything I have to say, well,
we just can’t say it. We have to create it.” Now, the movie earns its place in this
column on the merits of its villains. Stone Cold has two great ones. First, there’s William Forsythe
as the muscle-bound baddie Ice, who has it in for Bosworth from the start. And as this quote suggests, he made
up most of his lines, including great off-the-cuff ones. Like when he tells Bosworth he looks like
a grown-up version of Bamm-Bamm from the Flintstones. This is what makes the movie what it is. Even better is Lance Henriksen,
who takes what could’ve been a road to bad guy role and turns him into a cultish charismatic leader. He mercilessly chews the scenery and like Forsythe
plays fast and loose with his dialogue. “His head is all fucked up.”
(Laughs) These two are impeccable playing off of each other
and part of me wishes Forsythe had been the hero against Henriksen the baddie. “You want to know what my fear is, bro? My fear is that this boy Stone has got you
wrapped around his little finger, that’s my fear. We have a lot at stake. I’m afraid that when we wake up tomorrow,
he’s gonna be in on everything, you know.” “Then I’ll chop his arms and legs off and
I’ll weld him into a steel tank and drop him in the bayou. (Chuckles softly) So fuck you, man, the Whip’s mine.” Would’ve been nifty,
although The Boz does just fine. Now to give you an idea of Bosworth’s persona,
here’s a cliche but fun moment from the film. Which serves as the introduction to his character. (Thump!) (Glass shatters, crash, screams) “What have you got to say
for yourself this time?” “You got to clean up on Aisle 4.” ♪ Rock music ♪ This is where the movie excels. Action! This one is hardcore R-rated wall-to-wall carnage with the climax, that rivals
the most action-packed movies of the era. We even got a motorcycle taking out a chopper. And there’s also a creepy-ass moment, where Lance Henriksen uses his bike
wheels to take off crony’s fingers. I mean, this part gave me nightmares when
I was a kid and totally offended my parents, who were shocked that they were allowing me
to watch such a violent movie in the first place. But alas, I was 10 years old
and couldn’t be talked out of these things. Really though, Stone Cold
in it’s own way is a thing of beauty. Is it a good movie? No. Is it a fun one? Definitely. Too bad the movie tanked at the box office, earning a paltry 9.1 million
against its 25 million dollar budget. Now for a bit of trivia, check out the list of producers
and note the presence of Michael Douglas. And that’s right, it’s The Michael Douglas with his company The Stone Group named
after Romancing the Stone behind the financing. They had more success the same
year with the same studio, Sony when they put out
Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Double Impact. So suffice to say, you really have to watch
Stone Cold with your tongue firmly in its cheek. It’s a film of its era,
but in that regard it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Especially, if late 80’s – early 90’s
R-rated action is your cup of tea. For, I’m Chris Bumbray. ♪ ♪ (Thud) ♪ Rock music ♪ Written & Narrated
by Chris Bumbray Edited by Lance Vlcek A JoBlo Movie Network Production
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