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Staying Healthy On the Go with Diabetes

January 17, 2020

My job requires I travel quite a bit. I do about 100,000 miles a year. It’s tempting sometimes on the road to sort
of decide that the rules at home that we all follow with good diabetes practice don’t really
apply anymore. You start eating things that you normally
wouldn’t eat at home and you eat them in quantities that you wouldn’t normally eat. When I go on the road a lot and I go to business
meetings, I don’t always have a lot of choice over what I get served and the foods that
are put in front of me. That requires that you make some decisions
about what you want to eat, how much you want to eat, whether you want to choose one item
over another. One thing I like to do is take a little bit
of time to carefully read the menu. I don’t look at the first choice and say okay,
give me this. I actually try to look and see are there decisions
and choices I can make that will help me reduce the amount of calories I’m eating and eat
foods that have less of a bang on my glucose. You may ask for things to be prepared differently. You may ask them to halve something. You may ask them to make substitutions. When I go to restaurants that I’m not familiar
with, I’ll ask for a to-go box and have them divide my meal before they bring it out. That way I can look at what I get and decide
whether it’s enough for me to eat and I usually have a snack for later on when I need it. It’s important when you’re on the road to
maintain some good physical activity. Most hotels have a gymnasium or someplace
that you can do exercise. Other times you can just decide to walk or
take advantage of the place you’re at, to take a look around. Like all of us, my desire is to have my diabetes
at the best possible control and that extends to when I’m on the road and the situation
sometimes is a little bit more challenging. I want to do it for all the reasons that all
of us want to do it; I want the best possible health. If you have diabetes and you’re living with
this disease, you need good education. And a great place to go is the website I’m David Marrero and I manage my diabetes
on the go.

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