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Start Eating 1 Banana a Day, See What Happens to Your Weight

September 5, 2019

So, ever seen an athlete packing it with bananas
after an intense workout? You know, there’s a good reason for that,
and it concerns you and me as well! Of course you don’t have to munch on the
long yellow stuff like crazy, but eating a single banana every day can definitely do
you lots of good! Counting down from… #11. It helps you lose weight
If you’re on the track to shedding a few extra pounds but having difficulty curbing
that sweet tooth, a banana can help you out. Its natural sweetness is a blessing when you’re
craving for something sugary, and soluble fibers in it slow down digestion, making you
feel full for longer. Also, a medium-sized banana contains only
about 100 calories, as opposed to 400 in a chocolate bar you would eat otherwise. So stack up on a bunch of those yellow goodies
and lay them on your desk! #10. It helps keep your digestion healthy
Soluble fibers are only half of what’s good in a banana; the other half is insoluble ones. When they reach your digestive tract, they
don’t dissolve (as their name implies) and instead travel through your whole body, pushing
out the unnecessary stuff. All the waste in your bowels gets swept away,
and you go to the bathroom regularly and with a sense of duty well done. At ease. #9. It improves your immune system
A single banana contains more than 10% of a daily norm of vitamin C, which is, as you
know, a sort of a magic bullet to being healthy. It boosts your immunity, providing you with
better protection against all kinds of diseases, and acts as an antioxidant, destroying free
radicals that attack your healthy cells. So having a banana every day basically helps
you stay in the top shape in all senses of the word. #8. It protects your skin
If you’re sensitive to UV, sunscreen is a must, of course, but bananas may be of help
too, without you even knowing it. Like I just said, vitamin C in these fruits
is an antioxidant that protects your skin as well as your immune system. They also contain carotenoids that are natural
protective elements when it comes to exposure to the sun. Plants need them for photosynthesis, and we
humans eat them not be burned by the sun. The cycle of life! #7. It’s good for your heart
Potassium, which is the primary element contained in bananas, is crucial for your heart and
blood vessels. It’s an electrolyte that helps electric
conductivity in your system, and it also assists other electrolytes (such as magnesium and
calcium) to be better absorbed inside your body. As a result of potassium’s activity, the
balance of fluid is maintained, which helps your heart beat at a normal pace. #6. It keeps you hydrated
Wait, bananas are a solid food, how in the world can they replace water? Well, they can’t, of course, but like I
said earlier, they help maintain water balance in your body. It’s all thanks to potassium again, to be
sure. It cooperates with other electrolytes to regulate
the fluid levels, which is especially good after an intense workout. So if you’re into some sports activities
or just go to the gym on a regular basis, eating a banana (or even two) is definitely
a good idea. #5. It enhances your physical performance (Hey,
have you every seen a fat monkey?) Bananas aren’t only good for you after a
workout — they also help you out before intensive training. According to the International Society of
Sports Nutrition, the best way to keep you in top shape while working out is eating something
that’s high on carbs yet not too hard on your gut. Munching on some sugary stuff is not the best
of ideas: things like chocolate bars or candy contain too much sweetness and additives for
you to stomach. Bananas, on the other hand, have just the
right amount of natural sugar to boost your energy levels, and they also contain other
substances that help you achieve better results when training. So throw one in your sports bag before you
go! #4. It can replace sugar when you bake
The yellow delight is naturally sweet and neutral in taste, so when you decide to bake
a cake or some muffins, it’s pretty much okay to substitute sugar, or any other sweetener
for that matter, with a couple of bananas. Of course, you can’t stuff them everywhere
— not all recipes taste good when you throw in a banana. After all, they’re not THAT neutral and
add their own flavor to the dish. But you sure can look for baking recipes that
make room for such a possibility. #3. It curbs your appetite
Back to the issue of losing weight: bananas help you to resist your cravings. It’s not hard to imagine a busy day at the
office, when you’re overworked with routine, and you just have to have a snack not to fall
into a coma. Often, people would eat a candy bar just for
the sake of a much needed glucose boost, but that kind of energy punch is short-lived,
and you’ll feel even worse for it when the sugar spike fades. The solution? Have a banana, obviously! It’s quite low in calories but high on useful
stuff, such as all kinds of fibers and starch, which makes you feel full and think twice
before indulging your sweet tooth once again. #2. It makes your kidneys happy…aw
I don’t have to tell you that fruit is good for you, it’s quite old news already. But more specifically, bananas, thanks to
all the antioxidants and other beneficial elements, help your kidneys to remain healthy
and prosper. (A prosperous kidney…) In one Swedish study, researchers found that
bananas have the biggest impact on renal health when it comes to fruit and vegetable consumption. In fact, they seem to protect you against
renal cell carcinoma, one of the most common types of kidney cancer. Of course, this is subject to more research,
but that’s already good news, isn’t it? On top of that, potassium in bananas reduces
the risk of kidney stones by flushing excess calcium from your system. Calcium is one of the biggest culprits in
this disease because the stones are mostly made of this element. #1. Bananas help you even before you’re born
Apart from other useful substances and elements, the long yellow goodies are rich in all types
of B vitamins. They don’t often get much media attention,
but that’s hardly because they’re not that good for you. They stay in shade mostly because their effects
are not immediately obvious. You see, B vitamins, especially vitamin B6,
are crucial during embryo development. A single average banana contains about a third
of the normal daily intake, so doctors advise pregnant women to have a banana a day just
to additionally ensure that their babies are born healthy and happy. Other elements, such as folate, thiamine,
niacin, and riboflavin, also contribute to fetal health: they help the yet-unborn baby
to develop its nervous system, blood vessels, and internal organs. And finally, potassium plays its role here
too. As much as I’ve already said about this
element, its electrolytic function benefits the bloodstream of the mother, and thus helps
deliver food to the baby in her belly. So why not treat yourself to a healthy and
tasty snack while waiting for your little one to see its first light of day? Well, it’s all fine and well, but nothing
comes without a price, and bananas aren’t any exception to this rule. There are side effects you should know about
before you start eating a banana every single day. And we’re not talking just about “monkey
farts”. Make sure you consult your doctor and check
whether you have any potential problems with this fruit. First and foremost, like any other fruit,
bananas can cause allergic reactions. According to Food Allergy Research and Education,
if you have an allergy to latex, you might as well develop one to kiwis, chestnuts, avocados,
and yes, bananas. Also, if you feel itchiness in your mouth
when you chew on a banana, you’d better stay away from this fruit because it’s also
an allergic reaction that can become severe if you’re not careful. Secondly, tyrosine, an amino acid contained
in bananas, converts into tyramine in your body, and this substance can cause headaches
in some people. If there’s too much of it in your system,
you might even develop migraines, so be careful if you already have them. And finally, despite their benefits for your
gut that I described earlier, bananas can cause gases and bloating because of the high
amounts of fiber in them. That’s not dangerous — you’ll feel better
when your body gets used to so much fiber, but it certainly can be uncomfortable… or
even awkward, if you know what I mean. Yes, with all of this going for it, it’s
easy to see why bananas have a peel (appeal). So what about you? Do you only indulge in bananas every now and
then or do you prefer to keep it a routine? Let me know down in the comments! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give this video a like and share it with a friend. But don’t go bananas just yet! We have over 2,000 cool videos for you to
check out. Just click on this left or right video and
enjoy! Stay on the Bright Side of life!

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