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Starbucks Holiday Drinks – Diabetes In A Cup? Real Doctor Reviews The Damage To Your Vital Organs ☕

November 8, 2019

Starbucks holiday drinks also known as a
cup of diabetes have been released again this year and today we’re going to talk
about what’s in them what is it that we need to be concerned with and what sort
of damage can they do to your body and your vital organs coming right up hey I’m doctor Ekberg
I’m a holistic doctor and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to
truly master health by understanding how the body really works make sure that you
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this time of year for the last several years Starbucks have introduced a series
of specialty coffees in special mugs for the festive occasion and this year of
course it was such great news that there’s already multiple news channels
such as CBS FOX NBC and ABC that have posted videos on the internet who tell
us about how important this news is and what a big deal it is that we can now
have these specialty drinks this year there are five drinks that they have
introduced and as always when people comment on the nutritional value then
they’re only talking about how many calories there are in them they say and
this may not be so good for you because they have so many calories we don’t
really care about calories though we care about the things in there that
upset the balance in the body the hormonal balance in this review we won’t
comment on the taste or flavor we won’t pick any favorites we’re just gonna talk
about what are in these drinks and is it really worth to indulge in them if we
take the example of a grande that’s not the biggest drink the grande is 16
ounces and the largest is 20 ounces it seems like most people are selecting the
the grande the 16 ounces and then just the average among these five drinks not
the highest or lowest but average they contain on average 48 grams of sugar and
60 grams of carbs one drink and just for comparison a
Snickers bar is 28 grams of sugar about half of that and it has 32 grams of
carbs again about half so you could have essentially have two Snickers bars and
get the same amount of sugar as you would a grande now the Snickers bars
probably won’t give you even as much of a blood sugar spike because it also has
more fat and some protein in there to slow down the sugar a Coca Cola has 39
grams of sugar and of course that is rocket fuel in terms of blood sugar
because there’s nothing there to slow down that blood sugar absorption but
again a Coca Cola has about 2/3 of the sugar and carbs of a grande specialty
drink this video is not a bash on starbucks I love Starbucks I think they
are pretty much single-handedly responsible for bringing real coffee to
the United States I remember when coffee was completely
undrinkable it had the color of tea and nowadays you can actually get a good cup
of coffee in almost any place and that is much due to Starbucks so I like them
and it is my choice if I go someplace because it’s reliable I know what I’m
gonna get what they found as they were gaining popularity obviously they’re in
business to make money and they realize that caffeine is sort of addictive it’s
something that people really like to have on a regular basis but what’s about
a thousand times more addictive is sugar so if you combine the caffeine with the
sugar now you have the perfect business idea so they have started introducing
more and more specialty drinks they have the ice-t’s and the frappuccinos and the
lattes and the mocha sand all of these and they have all these pumps of syrup
that adds chemical flavors and sugar and sometimes artificial sweeteners to the
to the drinks and on a rough count I counted at least 50 I didn’t go
through all the menus and these were basically just the lattes and the mocha
sand the frappuccinos more than 50 specialty drinks and all of these are
going to be roughly in the ballpark of of this much sugar so what they’re doing
is they’re getting people hooked that they’re creating a habit where people
it’s sort of a sneaky way of getting candy in there that a lot of people who
said that oh well I don’t eat any candy I wouldn’t touch a Snickers bars I don’t
eat anything like that I just have a cup of coffee once in a while and they don’t
realize or maybe they do but they don’t sort of want to realize it that every
drink they have is like having multiple candy bars but again I don’t blame
Starbucks I think they’re doing what they need to do to make money and we
need to do what we need to do to stay healthy and we just need to keep that in
balance so why is Starbucks introducing it at this time of year why is the
holiday season such a perfect moment well the holiday season some people set
it to start after Thanksgiving and run through the Christmas holiday but in
reality it’s being stretched more and more and more and now it pretty much
goes from Halloween which is last of October so like Halloween or the day
after November 1st often marks the beginning of the holiday season so now
it’s sort of a free-for-all in terms of indulging we’ve we’ve created that
culture so what happens is people spend more money during these two months a lot
of businesses make most of their profit in the last quarter of the year because
we were spending money we’re spending money on presents but we’re spending
more money on everything we’re indulging and it’s also the time that we change
our mindset we figured oh I’ve been good all year and there’s all these Christmas
parties and all these opportunities and all these holiday drinks this is the
time to indulge we are good to ourselves we set certain limits but
during the holidays we just let everything fly and again Starbucks is in
business they’re a for-profit company so they will do everything smart that they
can to to make sales I can’t blame them for that but what else is that that we
want to think about that happens during the holiday season well the holiday
season is also the sugar season that’s where the cookies and the candy and the
drinks and all these things the parties come out it is also the stress season
okay people have their usual workload but in addition to that they have all
these parties and all these presents and all these trips to take so people
probably stress more in these two months than they do any other time of year so
because it is a sugar season and a stress season that means it’s also the
flu season because the two things that ruin that interfere with your immune
system that weaken your immune system the most are basically sugar and stress
so now everybody also gets the flu and in on top of everything it’s also the
weight gain season because we let loose because we eat all this sugar and now
this gets us ready for our new year’s resolutions so we can start another
round of yo-yo dieting so if you think about it I don’t believe that’s what
most people really want I think it’s tempting to indulging these
things but I also think that we don’t have to we can make some smarter
decisions if we have been on a low-carb diet if we have created some good habits
to get fat adapted then if we’re truly honest we don’t have that much cravings
anymore that most of these temptations are emotionals it’s not something that
the body is really screaming for it’s just there and so easy to jump on we
also have we can make very satisfying keto desserts and if you take for
example dark chocolate if you get my favorites about 70
eight percent cocoa in the chocolate then you can eat a half a bar and only
get eight grams of sugar then that means you could have half a bar of dark
chocolate every day and only equal about one of these drinks per week okay but
the drink is going to create a huge blood sugar spike whereas this is going
to be spread out and most of the calories are going to be from fat so
you’re not really going to see hardly any blood sugar fluctuations so once you
are fat adapted your taste buds change and you enjoy these things the dark
chocolate is very very satisfying if you get a piece of 60% chocolate it’s almost
unable it’s just too sweet so once you’ve developed these good habits don’t
let yourself fall back into those bad habits okay be strong it’s not worth it
so what is all this sugar do why is it not a good idea what’s the the really
big reasons except for the weight gain and the flus and all that what is it
really doing inside the body well the brain it really likes stable blood sugar
it loves if you’re in ketosis it loves ketones but what it does when you’re fat
adapted is your blood sugar is just rock solid super stable and when you eat
sugar especially when you drink it then it’s absorbed very quickly and you get
blood sugar fluctuations you get a blood sugar rollercoaster and for some people
the down part the bottom part of that is called hypoglycemia so now you get Moody
you get irritable you have poor focus you get cravings you get more prone to
anxiety and depression and in the long run so the first few are in the short
run that’s what happens kind of immediately but in the long run
glucose causes triggers insulin causes insulin resistance and as far as the
brain goes that will also be very strongly correlated with dementia there
is a strong cause have link between insulin resistance and
dementia today then when we look at the liver the liver is the first organ to be
to become insulin resistant because the sugar is 50% fructose and fructose is
the thing that really really clogs up the liver and creates fatty liver so
most non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is caused by sugar and especially sugary
drinks because they’re absorbed so quickly and we don’t even realize that
that we’re getting all that sugar because it’s just a drink when we look
at the heart and the cardiovascular system it’s all of the things associated
with metabolic syndrome so high blood pressure increased cardiovascular
disease increased risk of stroke just to name a few when we look at the pancreas
the pancreas has to produce all that insulin to handle all that sugar so
we’re putting a tremendous burden on the pancreas and it’s got a lot of other
things to do it likes to digest food and even though there was a different areas
in the pancreas that do the food digestion and the sugar handling it’s
still one organ that kind of depends on the same resources and blood supply so
the longer you push the pancreas the more likely that you’re gonna have some
trouble with it the immune system like we said at first here the flu season is
because sugar weakens the immune system but the other thing it does it feeds all
your pathogens it’s a virtual buffet for all the stuff in the body that you don’t
want there the yeast fungus bacteria parasites and even cancer cells they
thrive on sugar your immune system suffers greatly from all that sugar so
there are many many reasons why you would want to avoid it if you care about
your vital organs and and your long-term health and something sort of humorous
occurred to me that you know with cigarettes they have realized now for a
while how bad rats are so all over the world they have
to put warning labels on cigarettes so on every package you buy that basically
tell you this product kills you it’s almost like a skull and crossbones on
every package so if you get if you use that product then at least you know what
you’re getting into and if we compare the number of people dying from
cigarettes versus insulin resistance the cigarette deaths are basically a drop in
the ocean and it’ll be a generation or so before they realize this in the
official lines but insulin resistance is the biggest killer of mankind that we
have and once we realize that what if we actually had to go the same way as the
cigarettes what if everything that had refined sugar especially large
quantities had to have a warning label then I think those those Starbucks cups
would look a little bit different what if they had a skull and crossbones on
them and it says warning cup of diabetes this will kill you and you’d hear in in
the Starbucks restaurant then and what will it be for you sir a cup of diabetes
okay and then when you pick up your order they say alright mr. Smith a cup
of diabetes alright next oh you just want a cup of coffee all right here you
go and next a cup of diabetes you get the picture but it’s not as ridiculous
as it sounds if we called it for what it is then I think people would make
smarter choices at least they’d think twice so what if you stick to your guns
this year and you stay with your New Year’s resolutions from last year you
keep your good habits and you maintain them through the holiday season
then when new year comes you don’t have to start from scratch you are ahead of
where you would have been and now you’ve got something to build on so your scale
will show it your mood will show it and your vital organs will thank you if you
enjoyed this video I’m sure that you’re gonna love this one
thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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