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Scientists answer the internet’s most asked questions about Type 1 diabetes

November 14, 2019

[thud] Sorry. [beep] [ragtime piano music] Hi, I’m Jamie Felton. I’m Jason Spaeth. And I’m Heba Ismail. And we are here today to address the internet’s most searched questions about Type 1 diabetes. [typing] So you may be wondering what makes us experts, well, all three of us up here are researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine. And all three of us happen to have Type 1 diabetes. Altogether, we probably have more than, uh, decades of experience managing diabetes and, and researching. [laughing dies out] [crickets] So… Let’s see what some of the internet’s most glaring questions are about Type 1 diabetes. So what does type 1 diabetes… mean? Pretty simply put, type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition where your body essentially has destroyed the only cells in your body that produce insulin, the hormone that’s required to lower your blood glucose levels. That’s a good answer. [offscreen] Yeah Alright. Can Type 1 diabetes… be controlled with diet? That’s a great question. Um, the answer is no. You need insulin, You need insulin to take care of the carbohydrates that you eat. Um, but even if you ate zero carbohydrates, you would still need insulin if you have Type 1 diabetes. Is Type 1 diabetes preventable? Well, not yet, but we can delay the start of it or the onset of it. Can Type 1 diabetes affect the ability to exercise? I also love this question. It doesn’t affect your ability at all to exercise. There are lots of professional athletes. Uh, Nick Jonas has Type 1 diabetes and he does a lot of work dancing in his concerts. Um, Yeah! Yeah. [thud] [beep] Sorry, sorry, sorry. I got distracted
thinking about Nick Jonas. Alright, so we’ve looked at, uh, the internet’s most asked questions about Type 1 diabetes. If you have any more questions, please visit our website and follow IU School of Medicine on social media and tweet us. [jaunty music] [laughing and clapping] [beep]

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