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S. Korea confirms two more cases of African swine fever at pig farms in Paju

November 9, 2019

two more cases of African swine fever
have been confirmed here in South Korea within the past two 24 hours with the
number of confirmed cases now standing at 11 concerns are rising over the
spread of the fatal animal disease or one Zohan has the latest two new cases
of African swine fever were confirmed Wednesday by South Korea’s agriculture
ministry a first suspected case was reported on Tuesday at a pig farm in
Paju a city close to the inter-korean border and the test results came back
positive before daybreak on Wednesday and just before noon on Wednesday
another case was confirmed in the same area bringing the total number of
confirmed cases of African swine fever to 11 Paju is where the first case was
confirmed roughly two weeks ago on September 17th as for the counter
measures being taken by authorities as of 3:30 a.m. Korea time on Wednesday a
48-hour movement ban was enforced for all pigs in gyeonggi-do province Incheon
and condo province officials hope the move will prevent the further spread of
the deadly animal disease as they continue to search for the source of the
virus South Korea has called more than 90,000 pigs so far to prevent the
further spread of the disease but with the latest case the number will
increased to more than 100,000 that’s nearly 1% of all pigs in South Korea
African swine fever is highly contagious and nearly 100% fatal to swineherds
there’s no vaccine for the disease but it does not affect humans so far cases
in South Korea have mostly been concentrated near the border with North
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  • Reply Abdullah S Khan October 2, 2019 at 6:54 am

    Don't eat pigs as their flesh is contaminated or play with.
    Any animal who can't chew their food is not clean.
    The name African is still out of context.
    Swine is mostly eaten in peninsula.

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