Reducing Diabetes is Possible – Part 2 of 2 | Reducing Insulin | My Personal Experience

March 26, 2020 does it feel to walk at night after dinner?’s lovely
so guys this post dinner walk is lovely with your wife… A 10 mins walk, not a brisk , its a very simple-
slow kind of a stroll should be sufficient! Now coming to the fightback part of it, now
we have already understood what is diabetes and
the ill effects of diabetes…. To reverse diabetes, to reverse insulin, what
we need to do is – we have got a pattern developed throughout
our so many number of years.. eating habits, exercising habits, the way
of breathing, the way of thinking…there are lot of things we do, are pattern driven. We flare up sometimes….sometimes we take
more tensions than necessary. So all that comes under a pattern. We have to reverse this pattern! Through extreme discipline…now how do we
reverse this? The first and foremost is dietary discipline. Diet plays a vital role in reversing your
diabetes status. Now when I say diet, why exactly I am talking
about a diet…which is a generic thing that everyone knows that diet is important,
but what I am arriving at, and what are the
recent findings. …I will be talking about that now.You might have heard about a fatty liver… ..Now fatty liver definitely affects the functioning of the liver. Bile to be more precise…secretion of bile is from the Liver and the importance of bile is that it breaks down fats Now what will happen if the secretion is not proper The fats would not be broken down in the way it is required. so you know about fatty liver and maybe you can read on the net about fatty liver You might have not heard about fatty pancreas…fat accumulation in pancreas Now what is the effect of fat accumulation in pancreas? When your dietary habits are not good, over a period of time, there would be some 2% or 3% layer that may come inside your pancreas which is fat accumulation of pancreas and this 2 – 3 % is a big amount! 2 percent does not mean its a small thing! It’s a big amount……..Because of this fat accumulation inside the pancreas it is obstructing the production of insulin…and if those fats are removed in some ways Then maybe your body gets more insulin and maybe you get a remedy That is one of the solution…but… unfortunately we cannot scrape it off It’s not as easy as scraping and removing the fats from the pancreas…. so it’s going to be a bit difficult and a long drawn process ….how much long drawn? It may take you upto 3 months to get any type of results So what is to be done, you have to follow a rigorous dietary pattern….that is point no. 1 When I say a rigorous dietary pattern, you will have to study…foods which are having less glycemic index… Glycemic index is an index which is comparable to sugar So if you eat sugar, we say it is 100 Glycemic index Now, if you eat some other food visavis direct sugar, Whether this is less or more… that value is called glycemic index It simply means that foods with lesser glycemic index will have lesser sugary effect on you… It will not increase your sugar so much… If they have got less glycemic index If they are having high glycemic index, eating those foods will flare-up your sugar So find out which are the foods with lower glycemic index…That is point no. 1 2nd point is your portion size…watch-out for your portion size What are you eating throughout the day…what are your different timings? Are you following a healthy eating pattern? or are you over eating certain things which you should not… So, low glycemic index….nutritious items… for example you can eat fruits which are allowed in diabetes …you will have to research a bit.. cannot cover everything in this video.. else it will become a vast video…so you will have to search the net which are the allowed foods you can eat…eat fruits, you can eat fibrous items – vegetables having fibers.. Which are allowed for you…you can eat multi grains which are allowed for you. Infact I will advice you to minimize your rice and wheat If you are eating wheat related items – wheat bread or in Asian countries they make roti out of wheat It’s wheat bread…we call it roti in Indian Hindi language…. but…avoid wheat Once in a while it is fine….but substitutes of wheat can be millet We call it Ragi in Hindi….Nachni in Marathi So…we can substitute by that…Bajri you can have So there are various kinds of things which you can change and substitute and make that as a part of your diet Salads you include in your diet… so… you have to make a pattern in such a way that you are having only the allowed foods as an intake. That is point no. 1….. 2nd point was the portion size The portion size will be just enough…to still keep you hungry You should not be fulfilling yourself…forget overfilling… it is just enough where you still feel little bit hungry can manage it…if you are able to do that for 3 months…you will find good results when I say, partially hungry, does not mean you have large gaps in your food habits It’s not like having one meal in the morning, one meal in the night…and then starving…no… so diabetics in general should not starve…they should have in-between meals but..the hunger should not be completely extinguished…it has to be a little bit less food intake… than what you may be consuming at present…so that was the 2nd point One was about the food itself…. second was the portion size….Third is about exercise In the morning, or in the evening…throught-out the day whenever you feel… You have to have at least 1 hour of good exercise….when i say good exercise…do you really sweat when you exercise? That is a good benchmark..I would say…sweating because of exercise…not sweating otherwise So if you are seating because of exercise, then it means you are doing some good amount of exercise generally speaking, walking is one very good exercise…I will create one video on the benefits of walking… lookout for that later on.. Tremendous benefits of walking… so walking is one exercise or…you can join a gym…and do variety of things…treadmill, cycling or whatever is available as cardio or even otherwise so..gym-ing is very much important….. fourth point is – After your last meal, last meal meaning your dinner… should be light…but after your last meal, spend some 1 or 1.5 hrs and after that…. go for a walk Go for light walk…no heavy walks after that. Go for a light walk, stroll with your friends… meet up people…at the end of the day, feel happy about it…so that was the 4th point Now….the oxygen supply in your body…the blood that is carrying oxygen to all parts….the oxygen needs to be increased… Now how do you increase the oxygen supply of your blood?…. You have to inhale that much order to inhale that much oxygen on every breath, if you are wanting to have more oxygen per breath… then you have to exercise your breaths also…you need to find time…atleast 5 mins of your time to exercise your breath and that technique is called as pranayam….Pranayam is nothing but an exercise that will help you to breath much more vigorously in your normal lives.. So there is a misconception that only when you are doing pranayam, you are taking good amount of oxygen and that is going to help you… ofcourse it will help you during that time as well….but…that is not the purpose of pranayam Pranayam is a technique or an exercise, to teach you breathing…so that your every breath becomes longish.. and you are able to derive maximum benefit from the oxygen that you have taken in…that is Pranayam. So…give a serious thought to pranayam… this is not a generic talk that I am giving… This combination which I am talking about…is going to really take up out of a problem a severe problem …and a potential hazzard…so if you follow all this pattern….all these remedies which I have told you… then definitely it is going to help you…however, I am going to now tell you something about tracking.. and that is one of the most crucial and important things… so let’s talk about tracking…and you if you do not track things, you will find that….things are going haywire things are not the way you may intend to….and if you don’t track, you will not even know… so what is meant by tracking? and what exactly you should be doing for tracking? let me talk about that… Your aim..should be reducing your unnecessary fats we have already talked about a fatty liver, fatty pancreas… the fats inside your pancreas… if you really want to reverse that….ten you have to do it by healthy lifestyle only There is no way you can remove it from inside by some medicines or anything like that… 3 months, you have to maintain these dietary habits…and lifelong you have to ofcourse keep maintaining… but 3 months for good results….now when i say good results, lets talk about tracking now… and tracking is going to help you to make things happen I also told you about the team that is going to help….now…when we are talking about food…. who will prepare the food and who will provide this food to you on a daily basis? the required food… do you have a list of items that can be eaten by almost everybody in the family…so that they don’t have to prepare specifically for you.. separately…if that happens, well and good but..if it is not possible then maybe the entire family can substitute the food.. with such type of food which will be beneficial for the entire family… and then that’s how a ‘team’ effect comes into picture…when you have a walk, have a walk with somebody! some family member of yours…it will boost your make things will keep you more cheerful and the walks will actually happen… when you hit the gym…make sure that you meetup somebody…so that you look forward for such kind of events… so your team can include the person who is teaching you how to exercise…your team can include…ofcourse..your doctor and your lab assistants are all a part of your team.. because you will be doing blood checkups and all from time to time…so they are anyways a part of your team.. but people around you also can be leveraged as a part of your team to motivate you to do the right things… If there are parties, people should know that you are not the person who is going to indulge in a party or binge in a party in such a way that it will affect your health at a later date…so keep control….keep control in such a way that you have to live your life properly..think about the next day… When some tempting thing comes up, think about the next day…the forthcoming life…and you will be able to restrict yourself.. Now coming to tracking, if you are not tracking things, you will not even know if the things are going in the right direction If you want to make changes to your dietary pattern, or your exercise pattern or anything that you are doing…tracking is essential and key to it… so what does tracking mean… to start with initially… one can..if you are on heavy dosage of insulin then ofcourse only then you have to do what I am saying right now one can monitor morning blood sugar before breakfast…after breakfast….and maybe after certain meals on certain days You can monitor that and you can make a chart….now what I am showing you here is such a chart which I do maintain So that I get to know what exactly is happening on which day and due to which type of food…or maybe some portion size is more… so I get to know that and I am able to control it immediately…that is one thing.. I do check my blood sugar at home through this one touch instrument which is from Johnson & Johnson.. I will provide the description in the description link below…but…there are other instruments as well….I used to use.. One instrument from Accuchek earlier which was also fairly good…so these are fairly accurate instruments no matter what people would say…these are fairly accurate and I have verified against the actual lab results… and the deviation is minimal…so for practical purposes you can go with these type of instruments do your own checkups and time to time get yourself tested through some certified labs as well… So friends for more such videos, do subscribe to this channel…and if you like this video press the like button as well…but….. more importantly, try this out and post your comments in the comments section of YouTube against this video… so that I will know…what was the effect of this information on you as a person or somebody who is near and dear to you If you have tried that, take your time to post those comments…you need not look at the video and immediately post… comments…if you like the video and if you want to post some comments ofcourse you are free to do so(would be welcome) but I am more eager to hear…about your success story…for me things have happened… my insulin has become ‘zero’ at this stage and its an extremely happy situation for me…infact I was on insulin + medication and which is the case with many people who will take insulin so out of the medication, the afternoon dose is also now done with… and i am trying to reverse now for the other doses as well… and reduce my medicine as well to whatever minimum I can… so hope that you too are successful in either …your success story or somebody near and dear whom you are able to transform.. Thanks for watching this video….till we meet again

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