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Recognise these hay fever symptoms? – Nuffield Health

November 8, 2019

The interaction with traffic when you
have hay fever can be… not not the best thing. It feels to me that I have a range
of allergies starting with hay fever – Mainly grass
pollens things like dog hair cat hair. – Every so often, normally during the
summer, I found I could not see because my eyes were stinging so incredibly
powerfully – Sometimes it’s mild so it’s just three or six or nine sneezes, they
seem to come in multiples of three. – During the summer there’s kind of two
weeks where I could have up to seven asthma attacks a day – The cycling to work
situation when in between two buses and all of a suddenly you can’t see – I could be sneezing
for probably 30 minutes. The worry for me as a doctor is to allow people to
understand their level of allergy, what is their true risk of a severe allergic
reaction, the reactions that we all worry about? This is why I quite like blood
testing for allergies because you can take their medical history, you can take
their symptoms, you can then overlay that with evidence in a blood test and then
give that person a personalised care plan.

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  • Reply margret October 1, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    try to avoid flour and sugar.. it helped me with my allergies

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