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Rebecca Spinner shares struggles of paying high insulin costs

October 8, 2019

Over two years ago I was diagnosed with
non-hodgkins lymphoma and as soon as I started chemo the sugar went up,
dangerously high up and so that is when I was prescribed insulin on a sliding
scale. So I have to monitor it several times a day, but really it’s hard to get off of it once you’re on insulin. The only thing I’ve come across because I have good insurance thankfully is the fact
that they don’t pay for the syringes, they don’t pay for the alcohol swabs. They had never told me that I needed to get new insulin every 28 days. I just happened to read something and thought that’s a real problem
when it comes to infections and a lot of people can’t afford them because
nothing’s paid even if they do have insurance so they just keep using those
same syringes all the time. So this bill is really, really important and I
can’t even imagine the people that don’t have insurance how they can… how they can
make ends meet.

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