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[Preview] Is lower insulin the key to better brain health?

October 18, 2019

But what about in the brain? So insulin resistance in the brain
is very different than it is in the body. Brain is special. So remember that the higher the blood sugar,
the higher the brain sugar, so let’s say your blood sugar
is going too high too often. Then your brain sugar will also
be going too high too often. But remember that your insulin
will plateau at a certain point, so you’ll have plenty of glucose
flowing into the brain, but you might not have enough insulin. And over time if you’re developing
insulin resistance of the body that includes the blood brain barrier and the insulin receptors not only
do they have a saturation point as we talked about before, but they also can become
insulin resistant themselves, become damaged and desensitized
and down regulate. And that will limit how much insulin
can go into the brain. And that’s a problem because your cells, and particularly we’re going to focus
on the cells of the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain, those cells require insulin
in order to process glucose. Cells can’t process glucose
without insulin. So then what you’ve got is a situation where
despite swimming in a sea of glucose, your brain cells can
literally starve to death.

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  • Reply Vidak Milačić November 30, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    Lower insulin is the key to better brain health only in a long run. In short period of time, when we need our brain to work properly, short burst of insulin or just hyperinsulinemic response to high carbs food will help our brain to have enough energy to solve complex problems in thinking, programing … and help our fat cells to be fatter 😀
    Other solution is coconut oil, not MCT oil. MCT has low level of C12 fats. Coconut oil has lot of C12. There is one, just one but promice study on mice which shows brain can use C12 to create ketones inside brain.

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