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Part 4 — Gold Fever — Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

December 5, 2019

[indistinct conversations] [HANNAH]
Where’s Guthrie? [louder]
Where’s Guthrie? [EVAN]
I guess I got to tell you. He wanted to surprise you all
by helping the family pay
for the new roof. I gave him five bucks for a pan
and he went out looking for gold. Now I told him I’d keep it a secret
that him and I were partners.>>Wait a minute.
He told me I was his only partner. I gave him $6.38 I was saving for a new hat. [ADAM]
Are you two trying to tell me
that you let Guthrie go off on a wild goose chase in potentially dangerous country
alone without telling me? [EVAN]
You know how it is when you want to go adventuring. I mean he’s just a kid.>>Seems like he not the only kid
in this family now doesn’t it? [HANNAH]
Honey, they’re not the only ones at fault either.>>Now what does that mean?>>You know, sometimes ya’ll
act like Guthrie’s not even here … except to do the chores
that you don’t want to do. The only reason he went looking for gold
was so that he’d feel like he had something
to contribute. Make him feel like he was pulling his own weight. Maybe you don’t remember what it’s like
being his age. Trying to be a man. Not real sure what that is. [BRIAN]
Well then you guys know where he’s gone? [EVAN]
He made me a map but only gave me half of it.>>Let me see.
>>It’s won’t do you any good.>>I got the other half. He said he was finding some color.
He probably lost track of time.>>Look. Why don’t you all go down to the fairgrounds. Brian and I’ll grab the Jeep and go out looking for him.
We’ll meet you down there. [DANIEL]
Yeah. Come on ladies and gentlemen it’s show time.
Little brother’s on. Hannah, I’ll do the dishes later. [HANNAH] Promise?
>>Uh huh. [ADAM]
Hey, Come’re. Don’t worry. We’ll find him. Promise.>>Okay. Don’t be long.
>>I won’t. What do we got here? [CRANE]
I hope this map’s a little off. [BRIAN]
Why’s that?>>Well, if it’s accurate, Guthrie’s right near
where that ranger got mauled. [ADAM]
All right. I’ll get a rifle and meet you at the Jeep.>>Want me to come along?>>No. There’s no sense in getting everyone
all worried. I’m sure he’s okay.>>Sure.
>>I’ll see you at the show.>>Okay. [engine revving] [BRIAN]
Hey, this logging road up here ought to get us close.
Looks like about a half a mile to the river.>>Now I was sure we would have found him by now.>>We should have. [indistinct conversations] [CRANE]
Let’s just go save ’em a seat inside.
Alright? [DANIEL]
Yeah. We wouldn’t want to miss
a star being born would we? [applause]
>>Ladies and gentlemen …
Ladies and gentlemen … The legendary, Donna Jo James! [upbeat fiddle music] [singing]
>>How I love to start my morning with you To see you sunny side come shining through Sometimes I like you mixed up
But any way you’re fixed up I like to start my morning with you [singing in falsetto]
Now once there was a little hen
Sitting on her nest Trying hard with every feather
Just to do her best [deep voice]
Then a big old rooster
Came strutting by and said Hon’ there fixing breakfast
Let’s go out instead>>And we’ll have eggs
We’ve got lots of eggs Fresh, such nutritious eggs Shipped in a nifty package
Never never any crackage Eggs
We’ve got lots of eggs [clucking] [laughter] [clucking continues] [laughter] Eggs
We’ve got lots … of … eggs [clucking] [laughter] We got eggs! [applause] [Hannah laughing]
I know … I know where I heard it before. She’s Miss Fried Chicken. [ACE]
Did you get everything loaded?>>Except for that and the gold. [GUTHRIE]
Can we divvy up now? I should have been home an hour ago.
They’ll be worried. [ACE]
Not about a smart boy like you. Why I bet you could find your way home
in the dark if you had to.>>What do you mean?>>Well, we’ve had a change of plans. Ah … Lucky wants to keep
all the gold for ourselves. [angry]
>>Hey, you can’t do that.
I worked for my share.>>Well, that’s not your problem now. If I was you, I’d be worried
about how I was going to make it
through those woods. You see, there’s a wounded bear somewhere around here. And he can pick up a man’s scent real easy …
or a boy’s. You might even think about spending the night
in a tree and going home in the morning. It’s a terrible thing to face a wounded bear. I don’t want to forget this.>>Hey, that’s mine!
>>Not anymore. Be careful who you do business with boy.
The world is full of crooks. Hurry up with that box Lucky. [LUCKY]
Better get going. [dramatic music]>>Hey! Guthrie stop! Stop it, Guthrie! Come on, Guthrie. Come on.
I won’t hurt you. Guthrie, come on. Come on, Guthrie. Stop, Guthrie! Guthrie, I won’t hurt you. Come on, Guthrie! Stop it! Stop it, Guthrie! Guthrie! I … I’m gonna get you. [engine trying to start] [LUCKY]
Just give me the gold, Guthrie.
I won’t hurt you.>>You lied to me. And you’ve been killing bears
and cutting them up.>>Look, Guthrie. You’re not old enough
to know how these things work. This ain’t no game. Now give me the gold! [bag rips] [LUCKY]
Your spilling gold! Stop it! [GUTHRIE]
Stay away from me, Lucky. I’ll spill it all. Better stay back.>>I’ll split it with you, Guthrie. I’ll split it with you!>>No! I’m gonna spill it. [gold dust spilling] [GUTHRIE]
I’m gonna drop it unless you let me go.>>Guthrie! Where’s the gold! Oh my God! The gold!
Guthrie, you spilled the gold. Gold!
Where’s the gold? [dramatic music] [LUCKY]
He dumped all the gold in the creek.>>He took the rotor you idiot! [cocks rifle] [LUCKY]
Wait a minute. You ain’t going to shoot the boy?>>He can identify us! Damn! I show one spark of decency and look what happens. [bag splashes in water]

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  • Reply Tammy Schulte July 25, 2011 at 6:40 am

    Thanks for sharing. :o)

  • Reply Paul Rothman May 19, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    I didnt realize they made a T.V. show. The movie is way better but it was O.K.

  • Reply Richard Fuller September 14, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    I remember this. It was nothing like the movie. Richard Dean Anderson of MacGuyver was the eldest son. Drake Hogestyn of the soap Days of Our Lives was one of the sons, as was Peter Horton of Thirtysomething. River PHoenix was the youngest son. Many of the names were changed. The wife's name became Hannah,which of course was the baby's name in the movie.

  • Reply Supercouple Villy October 7, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    This is my favorite all time show, too bad it didn't last very long, so glad I found this, thanks for posting.

  • Reply MaexxDesign January 15, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    MacGyver's Swiss Army Knife 😀

  • Reply Izzat Izuddin October 18, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    River angry face is always cute

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