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Part 2 — Gold Fever — Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

November 8, 2019

Ford, let’s go. Hey! Come on!
Watch what you’re doing.>>Sorry.>>What’s the matter?>>I guess I was just thinking about the 4-H street dance. Daniel’s giving me a shot at singing with his band.
I could earn some money for the roof.>>And you’re worried?>>Yeah. I mean, I sound all right to myself in the shower but in front of all those people? I don’t know.>>Hey. You’ll do fine.
I mean you’ve got as good a singing voice as Daniel. I think you’d feel more comfortable
if we took the shower with us. [music playing] [EVAN]
What did you do?
Go skinny dipping with your clothes on?>>No, but I’ve got something to show you.
>>What? [GUTHRIE]
And there’s plenty more where that came from.>>Where’d you get that?>>That’s my secret, Evan.
But I need some money to buy equipment. You wanna buy a share of my gold mine?>>How much?
>>How much you got?>>Well, I’ve been saving for some new reins
but then I decided to throw the five bucks
into the pot to buy new shingles.>>Yeah, but if you give it to me you’ll be
able to buy a whole bunch of shingles.>>Well …
I guess it’s worth a gamble.>>You won’t be sorry Evan. Now let’s keep this just between us. Nobody else believed me.
Besides, too many partners, not as much to divide. Okay?
>>All right.>>Evan. I got stepped on again. Ah! I think it’s broken.
Maybe I shouldn’t go today.>>You’re singing with Daniel not dancing
with him. You got to go. Hey. Listen. You’ll be great.
Just pretend you’re taking a shower. [GUTHRIE]
Ford! I’ve got something to show you.>>What?>>Wanna buy a share of my gold mine? [country music playing] [applause] [DANIEL]
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a special treat for you today. My little brother Ford has agreed to sing us a song so let’s give him a big hand and get him up here. Come on.
[applause] [DANIEL]
Come on Ford. Get up here. [band plays “Take Me Home Country Roads”] [FORD singing]
Almost heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains
Shenandoah River – Life is old there
Older than the trees Younger than the mountains
Growing like a breeze Country roads, take me home To the place I belong West Virginia, mountain momma Take me home, country roads I hear her voice
In the morning hour when she calls me Radio reminds me of my home far away And riding down the road I get a feeling
That I should have been home yesterday … yesterday Oh country roads, take me home To the place I belong West Virginia, mountain momma Take me home, country roads Take me home, country roads [in falsetto]
oh ooh oooh
ooooh ooooooooh Yahoo! [applause]>>Hey there young feller. My name is Wicks. Buddy Wicks. And I want to tell you you
have a very interesting voice.>>I really never done this before.>>Listen. I’ve got this little industrial show
for a convention from Sonora and one of my regular singers
got sick so I need a replacement. You’d be singing with the legendary
Donna Jo James. [excitedly]
>>Donna Jo James.
Donna Jo James! [DANIEL]
Who? [hushed voice]
>>Donna Jo James. [BUDDY]
Yeah. The job pays one-hundred dollars for the night and you can pick up your music tomorrow over
to the Frog Town Pavilion. What do you say? [DANIEL]
A hundred bucks? Sound great to me.
When do we start?>>Uh. Well no. See it’s actually Ford here that I wanted for the job. See he’d be more suited for it.
I’m sorry pal.>>More suited?>>Oh yeah.
How ’bout it Ford?>>Sure Mr. Wicks.>>Call me Buddy.>>Sure Buddy. [DANIEL]
Buddy. [birds chirping] [motorized equipment starting] [engine sound continues] [bubbling noise] [coughing] [man gasping]
You’re supposed to keep an eye on the compressor. I could drown down there.>>I was busy.
We got company. You’re the boy I saw at the store ain’t you? People call me Ace.
Over there is my partner Lucky. [Lucky coughs] What’s your name?
>>Guthrie.>>Well, I’m sorry to scare you Guthrie
but you can’t be too careful. Now what are you doing here? [GUTHRIE]
Uh … I heard a noise downstream. I guess it was your dredge.>>It makes a lot of noise when it gets running. [ACE]
Ah, you looking for gold?>>I found a nugget! [Lucky coughs] [Lucky]
She’s traveled some distance.>>How do you know that?>>It’s all smooth from the water pushing it along. You find a rough nugget …
Good chance you’re close to a vein.>>Where’d you find it?>>Um … Upstream.>>You dredging or panning?>>Panning.
Wish I had a vacuum dredge like yours.>>Well I’ll tell you what, Guthrie.
Maybe we can work a deal. See me an Lucky got a good pay streak going.
Right Lucky?>>Oh yeah.>>Yeah and you hit pay dirt, right? So how about you helping us work our digs
and we’ll help you work your’s with the dredge. And then we’ll split it all between us. See that way we both hit it big. Well what do you say?
You want to go partners? [excited]
>>Sure that would be great! [laughs]
>>Well shake on it partner. [GUTHRIE]
>>I’ll go get my pan. All right? [ACE]
>>All right. Oh, and Guthrie… This is just between us men, okay.
Don’t tell nobody. Not your friends.
Not even your family. See we don’t want nobody to know
until we get all the gold we can. [GUTHRIE]
I want to surprise my brothers
by helping them buy a new roof so I won’t say a word to nobody. [laughs]>>What’d you go and do that for.
Now we got a kid hanging around.>>He’s the perfect cover. Makes us look all the more like weekend “gold bugs”
in case anybody else stumbles on us. Now we’ll just finish our contract,
deliver the goods, and kiss him off. [dog barks in distance] [quietly]
>>I got a lot more today.>>Really? Where is it?
Let me see it.>>Well I can’t risk carrying it back and forth.
I hid it at the site.>>What’ll we do if something should happen?>>To me or the gold?>>To you of course.>>Well, I made a map. That’s the first rule for staking a claim. If anything happens to me … the other half will turn up.>>How?
>>Don’t worry. I got it all figured out. [FORD]
Well, how do I look? [EVAN]
Legendary. [laughs]
Oh! Ford do you have enough cologne on? I mean you’re supposed to dab it on not bathe in it.>>Well, if I drive with the windows down,
maybe by the time I get there it’ll blow away. [GUTHRIE]
Only if you go by way of Canada.>>Very funny. [quietly]
Hey how we doing?
Getting rich?>>We’re doing pretty good – [CRANE]
Hey Guthrie. There are a few dishes waiting
for your tender loving care in there. Let’s hit it. [FORD]
I gotta go. Maybe this is my lucky week. [GUTHRIE]
[CRANE] See you later. Hey. These look a little chapped.
You been panning for gold?>>Uh-huh.>>Your not wandering away
from the house too far are you?>>Not really.>>So what are you going to do if you find color?
>>Buy shingles.>>Hey, listen.
I’m not too wild about you
being out there by yourself. They haven’t found that bear yet you know.>>Yeah.
But that’s way off from where I’m working.>>You’re sure about that?>>Well, I can take care of myself.
I’m not a ten-year-old. [CRANE]
That’s true. And that’s a dish towel.
And that’s the way to the kitchen which is where a twelve-year-old
has some work waiting for him. Go.

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  • Reply Rio Phoenix January 7, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    omg, that guys slapped rivers ass…twice!

  • Reply Lada Zajic February 13, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    Thank you for these videos. I'm from the Czech Republic, otherwise I can not watch the show. I admire R. D. Anderson and seek further opportunities for seeing. I do not speak English very good , but I'm learning. Thank you again, Ladka

  • Reply Michelle Ferreira January 5, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    If we lived in the present, without mind control bombarded media of all kinds like these people did, we'd be a lot happier for it ~ give it a thought….

  • Reply ליאור אהרון October 31, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    please full eps in torrent or emule,
    DVD,officail fan site,
    thank yuo for this ep.

  • Reply 70sfaithshumate December 1, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    Love the music in this episode, including the look that Daniel gives toward the end of Take Me Home Country Roads

  • Reply Maria Grande November 18, 2018 at 9:52 pm

    River is so cuuute awwww

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