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Overeating: Maybe It’s All in Your Head

October 11, 2019

I’m Rachelle Grossman with today’s health
news. A new study out of Rutgers University is showing some interesting results when it
comes to over-eating. Researchers found that mice with low levels of a hormone called glucagon-like
peptide 1, or GLP-1, were more likely to overeat and they also were more likely to choose foods
high in fat as well. GLP-1 peptides are secreted by the cells in the small intestine and the
brain. These secretions help regulate eating behavior. When these researchers activated
the GLP-1 hormone, the mice ate less. But researchers say people overeat for other reasons
as well – and this study shows that targeting the brain’s dopamine reward system might
be a good way to control overeating. Study authors are hoping to develop new drugs that
will help who struggle with over-consumption.

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