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MSC Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2 w/ Beta Cell Transplant insulin glucose

September 8, 2019

(music) (dramatic music) – Yup, my name is Oswald and I’m from Australia. – [Interviewer] Thank you,
could you please tell us what brought you to Thailand
and what was the illness? – I suffered from diabetes
and I wasn’t satisfied with the service or help I got in
Australia so I was looking for an alternative and
I found Thai Regeneration center and I contacted them and I got very, very satisfactory answer so
I thought I’ll give it a go. – [Interviewer] Thank you, the next one, what were you hoping for
before beginning the treatment? – I was hoping for easier management of my diabetes. And this is what I actually
achieved, it’s a lot easier to manage and I’m very satisfied
with the results, I know. – [Interviewer] Thank you,
on the scale one to ten, how would you rate your
health before having the stem cell treatment
for diabetes in Thailand? Before. – Before I would probably say about five. – [Interviewer] Okay,
and what about after? – Nine. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Thank you, how long ago was your first treatment
and what did you think about the treatment process? – My first stem cell treatment was in late April, beginning of May, 2012 and the process was actually quite easy, it was a bit of unusual because I was not familiar. – [Interviewer] Yes. – With this type of treatment
but I’m very satisfied. – [Interviewer] Thank you. How did you feel after stem cell treatment, I think you already answered that one, so. (chuckling)
– Yeah. It actually, my health, overall
my energy levels improved dramatically and I think it
made me about 15 years younger. – [Interviewer] Yes. – I have so much more energy. – [Interviewer] Yes. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] When
was your last follow up? – The follow up was only about a week ago. – [Interviewer] About a week ago. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] How do you feel today on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your health after having
a stem cell treatment for diabetes in Thailand,
I mean the last follow up? – I’m feeling very, very good. I’m feeling healthy, active, and I don’t have any mood swings anymore like I used to have before the treatment. I’m feeling very well. – [Interviewer] Excellent,
only three more to go, has the treatment changed
your life in anyway, in the way that you really,
really didn’t expected but it changed dramatically? I’m so sorry, I mean again, has the treatment changed
your life in any way? – Yes the treatment has
definitely changed my life. It’s a lot more positive
because I feel a lot better and even people around
me, which work with me, which live with me actually have noticed the positive change in
my attitude, probably because I have more energy,
and I’m more lively. – [Interviewer] Yes, thank you. Would you recommend a stem cell treatment for a diabetes to someone you care about? – Yes, I will definitely recommend stem cell treatment, definitely, yeah. – [Interviewer] Thank you, how is your experience with Thai medical vacation? – Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. – [Interviewer] Thank you so much, the last question is is there anything you would like done
differently as far as your treatment and traveling to
Thailand for your treatment? – Sorry I missed that. – [Interviewer] No
problem, is there anything you would like done differently as far as your treatment and traveling
to Thailand for treatment. I mean if there’s anything that you would like to be improved in
your treatment in Thailand? – Well with the treatment I received and to get to Thailand I have
no problems with that at all. And as they say everything
is always organized when I get here, I don’t
have to worry about nothing, I just make my appointments before I come and everything is smooth,
everything goes well. So I can’t really say, don’t really know anyway you could improve. – [Interviewer] Okay, thank you so much I think that’s very brilliant for today, so we’ll include you, thank you so much. – Okay, thank you.

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