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Members Overcome Fear of Insulin Injections | Kaiser Permanente

October 19, 2019

I was diagnosed with diabetes in
August 1998. I became a member of
Kaiser in 2001. She always has been a
caregiver so she took care of everybody
except herself. I was very stressed out. I could tell my sugar
levels were high. I knew something was wrong
with my physical being. I was getting up three times a
night to go use the restroom and I was feeling really fatigued,
I’d go home and sleep, I could start feeling my
feet tingling. When I walked into the exam
room she was crying. I do not like this. Let me show you how it’s done. Most of the time they feel
that they’re a failure, it’s very important for
us nurses, especially with diabetic
patients that before we go into teaching them to learn how to
take insulin we first tackle and take care of the barriers that
may inhibit us to be able to give the proper
instructions. She just was able to read me
to see I was nervous, I said this is not going
to be okay with me, needles are not okay with me. I showed her this is
how it goes, the needle is very short and
it’s very sharp, you won’t even feel it and she
looked at me like, really? Pick up your pretend stomach,
clean it with alcohol. This is really uncomfortable. She just was so informative
and so patient with me that I was able to do it. Push it in. Oh this is easy. Take it out. You’re done. Oh, amazing. Leaving Kaiser, I said, I
can do it now, I can go home and do it. Thank you so much. You’re very welcome. Patients, especially
with diabetes, they should try to look into
insulin use before automatically just saying that’s not for me, I
don’t want to do it. There’s people out there who
fear needles and they just don’t want to be on injections but you
know it’s going to save your life, it’s going to make
you feel healthier and you’re going to live longer. I’m doing my injections and
I’m okay with my body. I’m in harmony thanks to Kaiser.

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