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Lower Your Cholesterol With This Natural Juice!

October 12, 2019

Lower your cholesterol with this natural juice! Celery is a powerful blood cleaner; it strengthens
the nervous system and is used to treat bladder diseases. It also cleanses the liver, lowers blood sugar
and blood pressure. It is most useful to eat it raw and is not
recommended to be consumed by people with kidney disease and during pregnancy. Celery and lemon against high cholesterol. To prepare this drink you’ll need: 3 lemons. 500g of fresh celery. 1L of water. Preparation. Boil the water and let it cool off. Wash the lemon well, and cut it into pieces
without peeling it. Cut the celery also. Now blend the celery and the lemon well. Then add the water and stir it well. After it stays for 12 hrs, it is ready to
be consumed. Consume half a cup (about 2 oz) each morning
and night, before you eat. This drink has no side effects and other than
helping either your cholesterol level, it will help with the level of triglycerides
in your blood.

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