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Living with Type 2 diabetes | Emma’s year vlog | Diabetes UK

October 9, 2019

Okay. Okay. Hi, I’m Emma Knight, I’m 33 and I
live in Soham and I was diagnosed with diabetes in March 2018. Why haven’t you told anyone I don’t want to give more people reason to be mean to me. Sorry. Yeah so I haven’t told anyone. Walking was how I kind of started on my
exercise journey, you don’t really need any specialized gear. Well I don’t know. I have a coat and
and I have a pair of wellies. Forgot my shopping list in but luckily I know
what I need: carrots, parsnips. This is Ashley
– Hi My friend is helping me on my journey. Where are we going tomorrow? – Spain! I got my blood results back today.
– Oh god! How did you do? I did well…45
– Oh Em, that’s amazing Yeah I thought by doing this if that helps someone
else not to be as lost as I was when I first started that you know
that would be completely worth it. So, that’s me. That’s was really really awkward
looking at myself. That’s really hard to do

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