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Living With Gestational Diabetes Week 29 Baby #4

October 11, 2019

Welcome to week 28 and 29. We were on vacation last week And I did not get a chance to film, so you’re going to see what we did a little bit in these clips Now we have Ellie the daredevil baby. She’s about to dive off of this chair Dive Ellie, dive. Jump in. You feeling it? I’m feeling it. Kind of like, I wanna be fun but I just don’t have energy I’m so out of it, so like well maybe I’ll just come and even just that I’m like wow I don’t know if I can even just walk You know all day because it’s like you want to explore and normally when you’re not pregnant Just walking all day is no big deal. You know. Yeah. Before we went on our trip I took the glucose test and you guys know that I failed the first one so I went and I took the second one and I failed it. So I have gestational diabetes. Not only that I was told it was going to be less concentrated, apparently it’s gonna be more concentrated My belly is getting so big. Okay Alright, I have to be back at 9:15. They just drew my blood again I’m here for the three-hour test if I fail two out of the four tests that they’re gonna do then I have it, so many of you are asking now what does it mean to have gestational diabetes? Like what are you gonna have to do? Like what are the changes you’re going to have to make? So this is what I had to do. First, I’m going to make an appointment to see a nurse and a dietician and they brought me in for a two-hour appointment And I learned all about what I’m supposed to eat and what I’m not supposed to eat. Mostly it’s controlling carbs and not eating too many of them, and if I want to eat I can pretty much you whatever I want But it just has to be portioned out and like measured out and made sure it’s the right amount so that it doesn’t make my blood sugar’s just go all over the place and then after talking to the nurse she explained that I’m going to have to prick my finger four times a day and test my blood and here’s a little clip of what that looks like So I pull this thing back and push the button minute folks I have to put this little thing in here first and wait for the blood drip sign, okay No, no, it didn’t get me. I felt that. Gotta take the blood out The blood is not out yet mom, 87. Is it good or bad? It’s good actually Also, something that I have to plan for now is having at least a weekly visit with the nurse so that she can check my blood sugar levels and make sure that everything is okay. If they get too out of hand or like too high I have to go on insulin or some medication that will help me to I get my blood sugar level down but right now my blood sugar level I’ve been checking so this is the second day that I’ve been able to prick my finger and test my blood and I haven’t had it’s been within the perfect range, so I haven’t had any problems and I’ve been eating just like I should. It’s been working, so I’m really really really really happy about that There’s another thing that I need to do and that is check my ketone level and that is basically Making sure that I’m not losing weight because when I lose weight, in my urine Ketones come out It’s pretty much acid, but when I’m pregnant like if I wasn’t pregnant it wouldn’t be a problem It would just be like getting rid of toxins and like helping me to lose weight but because I’m pregnant that acid actually dumps on the baby, and so it’s really really bad it can hurt the baby back So I have to check my levels for that and make sure that I’m eating enough, so if I’m not eating enough Then I have ketone problems, if I ate too much, then I have a lot of other problems – There are some of the risks and this is just of gestational diabetes, it’s not necessarily too high or too low, but just like having it be out of whack so this is what it is So the risks to the baby are a premature baby and part of the reason for that is the babies are unusually large. They’re growing the normal rate, but they’re putting on a lot of weight I can’t remember exactly how to explain it, but the babies put on a lot of fat and you have gestational diabetes. Also, they have trouble breathing. They won’t necessarily have it for sure and they might not necessarily even put on a bunch of weight But when you have this problem, if it’s not taken seriously And if it’s not controlled in the right way, then those are the risks the baby can be born premature. The bigger the normal and then they can have trouble breathing so those are the risks and then the risks to me and are I have an increased risk of developing preeclampsia Also, the C-section rate goes up a lot and then the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes after later in life like five to ten years down the road goes up really high too, so on the lighter note Let’s talk about baby this week, babies So the baby can be as tall as 17 inches and can weigh 3 pounds at this point. The space in here is already starting to get cramped and so I’m not going to be feeling as been a huge kicks, but more like movement jabs and pokes. Instead of those hard kicks. It’s a little jazzy After talking to a nurse, I found out the reason why I have gestational diabetes and it can be a whole bunch of different things, there are a whole bunch of different factors and things including like your race and your age and things like that But my reasoning, I didn’t have anything on the list except for one thing And it’s my mom She has gestational diabetes and so now I have it That’s the only thing. That’s the only reason that I got it and so I think it’s just a genetics thing at this point That’s all we know as to why I have it I’m learning so much about like what I can eat, what I can’t and mostly it’s carbs. Controlling carbs because carbs turn to sugar in the bloods like immediately and you didn’t like don’t eat sugar But you can have sugar, but you just have to like eat it in moderation There’s so many things, I was so overwhelmed in the hospital when I went, I was like ah so much to learn And I just, I hope I can do and I’ve been doing pretty good I think I’ve been doing really good considering my blood level, blood sugar levels have been really good So the things that have changed, I have to have a meal plan and control my carbs, not calories, carbs I have to self test my blood sugar And I have to exercise consistently because insulin might not work in my blood, but if I exercise It’s like a backdoor and the insulin is able to get into the cell or whatever something like that Exercise helps, that’s the main point. All right Let’s do some belly time. Wait guys, before belly time I have to show you a trick. Do you guys want to know a secret? So this is my trick when my pants are getting too small, and I don’t want to button them up anymore I just take a little rubber band like that, and I put it in my buttonhole right here, and then I loop it through and that gives me a little bit of elastic and a little bit of give so that my pants will stay up But that I so that my circulation isn’t getting caught up either. So there’s a little trick for you So here is my belly weak 29. We have two weeks of growth here, and my belly is feeling so big I’m actually already five pound heavier than I was when I delivered James At my due date – All right, here’s my buddy. Week 29 Hey, thanks for watching this video Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Also you can watch the last week’s pregnancy vlog over here. Also you can watch my family on The Beach House over here every day And then you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and google+ if you want and we will see you guys next week

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