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Liver Cancer and Fever

November 9, 2019

Can liver cancer make us get a fever? Why can the temperature rise when we have
liver cancer? Watch this video about fever in liver cancer! You will find all the answers to these questions
and many more! As many cancers -including liver cancer- grow
in size, the amount of tumor cells creates a kind of parasite, a kind of autonomous organism
within the body. This parasite steals energy from food, and
as their cells are born and die faster than healthy cells, our blood can get intoxicated
with pieces of dying cells. The big amount of pieces of dead tumor cells
traveling in the blood pass through the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for
controlling our body temperature (the thermoregulatory center), driving its neurons crazy. The madness of the control center causes the
temperature to rise, appearing a low-grade fever and even fever, that usually has a typical
evening pattern.

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