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Lions Tackle All Global Causes: Diabetes, Environment, Hunger Relief, Childhood Cancer, and Vision

October 9, 2019

[BAND MUSIC] WOMAN 1: We are out
here celebrating our first century of service. And we’re just having a
birthday party, essentially. [PLAYFUL MUSIC] WOMAN 2: I just need
to stamp your hands. Mr. Wharton, how are you? Helping out here at
the pancake breakfast at the Anoka fairgrounds. I got the pancake job. It’s a wonderful opportunity
to volunteer and raise funds for the community. [SAUSAGE SIZZLING] Pancakes in the morning,
spaghetti at night, everything in Lions
Club will be all right. [BLUEGRASS MUSIC] WOMAN 1: We’ve got
Pack-A-Patrol car. And that addresses our hunger. Check about this. WOMAN 1: We always collect
our glasses for vision. And we transfer them
to Rosholt, Wisconsin, where they actually grade them
and send them on mission trips. WOMAN 3: There we go. That’s what we needed. We’re here for the
KidSight vision screening. MAN 1: Got you, Maxwell. It’s a great
service for families. That’s a big smile. WOMAN 3: Our focus is age
six months to six years, try and catch them before they
get to school, while they’re working on eye-hand coordination
and learning their letters. PUPPET: Not all bees make honey. Honeybees make honey. WOMAN 5: We have this
master gardener talking about the environment and bees. The puppet show was fun. And everyone gets a
big kick out of it. [PUPPET SCREAMS] So there’s plenty of
activities that are happening that day at the stadium. WOMAN 6: Childhood
cancer is another project that we’re working for. [BALLS CLINK] [CHEERING] We’re here today with our
Special Olympics athletes playing unified
bocce ball, helping to promote the connection
between Special Olympics and Lions. WOMAN 7: All right. So there’s going to be
a tiny, little pinch. Everybody knows somebody
that has diabetes. We need to step up. And we feel that since Lions
is a worldwide organization, we can do something about it and
impact people around the world. Thanks for helping out. WOMAN 1: That’s what
life is all about, giving back to your community,
giving back to the world. [BLUEGRASS MUSIC]

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