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Lemon Water Benefits of Lower Blood Sugar – Top Apple Cider Vinegar Alternatives: ACV Substitutes

August 28, 2019

Hello, I’m Dr Joe of Right everybody knows I love apple cider vinegar Now I use that to lower my blood sugar when I eat carbs, because it causes a steady release of The glucose from the carbs and it prevents blood sugar spikes Now what can you use if you don’t have apple cider vinegar? Well, that’s what I’ve got this for: Lemons. Alright Lemons, you can use lemons. They’re not as effective as apple cider vinegar, but they will do just fine and How’d you do that? Well, that’s what this video is about. How to lower blood sugar with lemons So I’ll give you a quick demo. Off to my kitchen for the quick demo. See you there after the channel intro Awash with danger and stress the one thing you mustn’t ignore is your health No ifs no buts. Hop on the driving seat and take absolute control of your health with a little help from a friend. Please welcome Dr Joe Right. So one of my best tips to lower blood glucose is to use apple cider vinegar and If you remember in my last video, I gave you the tip on how to prepare the apple cider vinegar drink The link is in in the “i” Right there. If you click on the “i” icon there, you gonna see the link to that video as well if you haven’t watched it So if you don’t have apple cider vinegar, what else can you use? Well, you can use this – Lemons Lemons are also your best friend So, how do you prepare the lemon drink? It’s very easy. You just cut the lemons Split them up Squeeze out the lemon juice Like that The other one. Just give it a nice massage and Third one Same thing. Very good massage and the fourth one. Same thing, just do that and Get your juice out of it pour that into your glass And then you just add water Give it a bit of a stir Stir to mix it up thoroughly and because it’s also acidic just like the apple cider vinegar, I tend to drink it with a straw as well just to protect my teeth. It’s worse with apple cider vinegar. Lemon drink is a lot more forgiving and There you just give it a drink And that’s it. You have that with your carbohydrate meal and that will moderate the release of glucose from the carbohydrate Yes, so that’s how you can use lemons to lower your blood sugar. My preference though is apple cider vinegar I’ve got a video there if you click on the “i” icon it will take you to that video Of the apple cider vinegar drink: how to prepare it Yeah, if you like this video and please like it click on the like button Comment on it. Let me know if you’ve tried lemons before and Share it with your friends. Share the video with your friends. Share the love. Okay, and Don’t forget to visit my blog for further health and nutritional advice Oh Don’t forget to subscribe. Okay, subscribe Alright, so until next time this is Dr Joe signing out

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