Kortfilmen “Att leva med typ 1 diabetes”

September 12, 2019

We conducted an experiment
where we invited a group of- -people to debunk the myths that
still surround type 1 diabetes. Hi. Welcome! Hi! Do you know more about type 1
diabetes than our participants? Do you know what kind of
disease type 1 diabetes is? Yes, I think that’s what we used
to call the “sugar disease”. When someone is intolerant
to sugar. So who gets type 1 diabetes? Isn’t it mostly elderly people? I know that you can get it if
you don’t take care of yourself. If you are overweight or
don’t exercise. Is it a disease that’s tough
to live with? I don’t know. I guess it’s
important to think about- -what you eat. How many people with type 1
diabetes do you think are cured? I don’t know, but quite a few
I would guess. With modern medicine
and healthcare. Can you live a normal life
with type 1 diabetes? Yes, I would think so. Well, it’s called child
diabetes so I guess it- -disappears as you get older. Do you know what could happen
if you inject too much insulin? I don’t think it would be
that dangerous. Hi, my name is Veronica. I’m 36
years old. On December 20, 2012, -my husband and I were told
that our daughter has- -type 1 diabetes. The film you’re about to see
gives you an insight into- -our lives. Megapixel Group AB Presents A Joakim Svensson Film It’s a bit low, sweetie. Sit up. Take three dextrose tablets,
please. Take seven units of your
long-acting insulin as well. Don’t forget to check
your level, sweetie. It’s 5.5. I think we need sex units
then. Good. Are you going to do
anything fun today? We’re gonna have PE class. In the big gym. Oh, sounds fun! Yes… Did you bring everything? Blood glucose meter,
insulin pen, -dextrose and your apple. Yes, mom. Way to go. See you at three then? Alright. I love you. Okay, bye. Mom: Are you checking it? Yeah, we’re going to
have lunch now. My level was 5 when I checked. There are three potatoes and
three meatballs. I’m thinking about drinking
a glass of milk as well. How much should I take? Mom: Okay sweetie.
Take 7 units and- -check again before PE class. Okay. Assemble! Nice. Feeling warmed up? Yes! Good. How many of you remember
my name? That’s right. I’ll fill in for Helen today. I thought we could
jump some rope… Do you like that?
Jumping rope? Come on. Let’s grab some
ropes over there… Here you go. Does everyone have a rope? Are you alright? Anna! Anna, Anna! Can you hear me? What’s happening? She has diabetes! Does she need an injection
or something? Yes, it’s in her bag. What’s going on?
Could you please move over. Wake up! Anna! Okay, can someone
go get Agneta quick? Can you hear me? Anna come on, wake up! It must be this one. No no no, wait! I’ve called an ambulance.
They’re on their way. You haven’t given her an
injection, have you? No no, I haven’t… Thank god! More insulin
would have killed her. But what should I have… Could you calm the children
down? I’ll call her mother. Did we say 6.5? That’s right. 6.5. Veronica. What? Where are they taking her? I’ll be right there. Hi honey.
How are you feeling? Good. But the doctor said I was
unconscious. So I heard. I’m so glad Agneta was there. But I took the right dosage
before lunch. It’s not your fault, sweetie. Maybe you took too many units
at lunch or you didn’t eat- -all of your food. We have to help each other
be careful from now on. But… can I sleep
at home tonight? Of course you can. Hi. Where are you? Okay. Yeah, she’s asleep. When will you be home? Okay. Kiss. No, I don’t wanna. Don’t worry, honey.
I just want to check it. Did you know that I take 3000
blood tests and over- -2000 insulin shots a year
just to feel alright? As I’m sure you have realized
by now, type 1 diabetes is- -something entirely different
from what you thought. Most people confuse it with
type 2 diabetes, which is a- -totally different
kind of disease. Type 1 diabetes is an auto-
immune disorder just like MS- -and is the most common
life-threatening disease- -among Swedish children. Over 800 children a year
fall ill. Do you know how many are cured? None. We need your support. The Swedish Child Diabetes
Foundation A big thank you to our main
sponsors who have made- -this film possible.

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