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Korean researchers develop nanopatch to monitor diabetes

August 29, 2019

Diabetics have to check their blood sugar
levels at least once a day, and previous methods made this a painful and troublesome process.
But Korean researchers have found an easier and more accurate way of doing it.
Lee Ji-won has more. This man in his 70s has been suffering from
diabetes for 15 years. He used to monitor his blood sugar using a
device that required him to prick his finger several times a day to get a reading,… but
he stopped doing it about five years ago because drawing his own blood made him uncomfortable. “I don’t like seeing blood… and it also
takes some time, making it a stressful process. So now I go to the hospital to have my blood
checked.” But Korean researchers at the Institute for
Basic Science have found a new method of measuring glucose levels.
They’ve developed a nano patch that can monitor a patient’s blood sugar levels in real time.
When the patch, made of graphene, is put on the body, it absorbs a certain amount of sweat,…
and a sensor measures the person’s glucose level. “The patch also has a humidity and temperature
sensor that increases the accuracy of the result. Furthermore, it also has hand tremor
sensors that allow patients with low glucose levels to measure their sugar levels more
easily.” In addition, the patch automatically dispenses
treatment. If a patient’s blood sugar level is too high,
tiny drug-filled needles will be activated to inject the diabetes medicine metformin
into the body. With the development, researchers hope it
will be easier for diabetics to monitor their blood sugar levels and prevent more severe
conditions such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.
Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.

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    Cool tech for the diabetic community.

  • Reply Harshal Rathod March 16, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    when comming soon

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