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Key Points Carbohydrates

November 10, 2019

WELCOME ALL TO MY CHANNEL. in today’s class
of diet, we will know key points carbohydrates.firstly, let us know about What are carbohydrates?? carbohydrates are main source of energy in
body. as their name suggests, carbs means made of
mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. now let us know, What are different types
of carbohydrates?? carbohydrates are classified in 4 ways–1. simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.
in this, simple carbohydrates are simple sugars like monosachharides, and disaccharides. complex carbohydrates are complex sugars like
oligosachharides and polysachharides. 2. sugars, starches and dietary fibre. sugars are simple carbs, while starch and
dietary fibre are complex carbs. 3. on basis of glycemic index—- divided
in 3 parts as A/ high B/ medium and C/ low glycemic index foods and 4. refined and unrefined carbohydrates, depends
on how much they are processed through manufacture. ahead, we will know what is recommended daily
allowance of carbohydrates?? in daily diet, 70 percent of calorie requirement are enough
of carbohydrates, should not be more. lastly, we should know what are major functions
of carbohydrates??1. function is to provide energy and regulation
of blood glucose. 2. to spare proteins from being used for energy
3. to break down fatty acids, to stop ketosis, 4. biological recognition process, 5. to act
as flavors and sweeteners, 6. as dietary fibre. now we wind up today’s diet class!!!!!. hope
you all liked this topic and found it useful, please subscribe the channel, like and share
the videos. thank you

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