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Jake Paul Interview! #DramaAlert – ( The Cough is Real! )

November 8, 2019

Keemstar: What is up? Drama Alert Nation, I’m your host, Killer Keemstar…. Lets get right into the news! We have on the line Jake Paul, Jake. Thanks for coming on the show. Jake: Yeah, uh, thank you for having me man. Keemstar: Make sure you check out Jake’s Channel. I want to talk to you today – Go ahead. Jake: I kinda want to start it off- Just by saying like I really respect your channel and like the entertainment value that you bring to YouTube I know like you’re always talking about like the stuff We have going on here and a lot of it isn’t always like true or nice or fair however I do like find it funny and I try to take it as lightheartedly as possible um… But I just wanted to like kick it off on That note um– Keemstar: I mean I appreciate you saying that but I think it’s good that we have you on for an interview So we can get you know your side of things you know I see Nick Crompton, he tweeted out something About us getting a story wrong. I’m not sure if he was talking about us or someone else So I think it’s good to have you on.
Jake: Yeah. I know there’s there’s been like a lot of Kind of madness going on you know on the internet lately at multiple different situations and You hit me up. I was like yo, I respect this man. Let’s let’s jump on an interview okay, so let’s start with The neighbors and the report from Channel Five. You know the neighbors were saying that you know, they’re living in a war zone That you know, you guys are the neighbors from hell. Um, you seem to like, Kind of rub it in the neighbors face and jus- and just I’m going to act crazy anyways You know, the neighbors have a legitimate claim that you know living next to you is a nuisance. Jake: Dude, 100%. And I feel sorry for them- -Like okay, I said on the news thing it just wasn’t taken seriously, but like I do feel sorry for them and- Um, you know, I think what the prob- The main problem- when I when I sit down with them face to face is like – They are mainly ma- upset with the fans and They take it out on me, because they think I invite like, the Jake Paulers To our house like hang out, which isn’t true. Like I’ve made videos And tweets countless times, telling fans not to come to our house and like how disrespectful It is like how we can’t live our lives like we feel like zoo animals You know like– Keemstar: I did see that tweet it came back in may you said you know don’t come to our house however if You search Team 10 house on Google. It shows up. It’s like a registered business. Did you guys do that or did someone else? Jake: No, someone else did that. We’ve like hired teams like there’s like all these teams online that like try to get rid of like data and We’ve hi- we’ve literally spent a thousands of dollars to get our address pulled off of Google and Being in all these different places and it and it doesn’t work, cuz, like, people keep on Re-uploading their screen-shots so that people already know where we live and it’s spiraled out of control and so Where the neighbors come in is like there’s 40 people standing outside like it’s a nuisance. They’re yelling They’re you know they’re doing their own thing It’s dangerous these kids can get run over um And so I fully understand where they’re coming from and I would not want to live next to me When all these fans are outside. But you know, when there weren’t fans outside before I was daily vlogging in people who didn’t know where I lived It was completely fine. We were friends with our neighbors like– Keemstar: Right. Jake: We would say aye it was cordial um and so I do want to like apologize to them and say like yo guys like I’ve We’re trying our best We hired a full-time security like to mend this to help fix the situation we’ve toned down our antics like outside with the crazy videos and the dirt bikes and like all of that stuff and and to me like The reason why all this stuff happens is like I’m always trying to have a fun time and like smile and do stuff that like me makes me laugh and that sometimes comes across the wrong way Especially when people like don’t really know me, Um– Keemstar: Do you feel that you’re stuck in some type of internet character or persona because I- I heard you say you know this is a bad situation for neighbors but then you know the Jake Paul the the YouTuber you know kind of went to war with the neighbors and a couple of vlogs after that. Jake: Yeah, I guess I don’t understand your question. Keemstar: I mean it felt like You know you were trying to say: “I’m not bad. the neighbors are bad- you were showing clips of Allegedly one of the neighbors telling your fans a bunch of explicit stuff you Went in to say that the neighbors tried to kill you it just seemed like You were trying to say that like you’re the victim and the neighbors were the bad ones through a series of videos right after that interview with Channel 5”. Jake: Yeah, I think that was my initial Reaction to the whole situation because there was like so many people coming at me And so I was like yeah, I think that’s everyone’s initial reaction is to like play that card But the truth of the matter, I’m not saying I’m a victim. I’m not saying like that- they’re the victim either I think it’s just a bad situation in general there have been times where Drunk neighbors come over to house saying that they want to kill us They’re cussing up the Jake Paulers, they’re honking their honking their horns at them. They’re you know calling the cops on us and They’re calling the fire department. They’re calling city inspectors to come into our house They’re calling parking enforcement like it We’re both at fault I feel like in any situation any sort of like relationship the way things go wrong is a lack of communication And that’s what we had like dude- I haven’t even talked to them since everything started to go “wrong” And I think that’s where we need to fix that like but none of them really want to talk to me and none of them They want to hold this grudge against me, and to me. It sucks like I want them in the situation I want to say I’m sorry to their faces. I want to Apologize and I want to fix it more so like we’re already working on moving that’s going to be done in like the next three weeks which is the immediate fix, but like Even beyond that, even when we do move I want to say like dude. I’m so sorry for that You know that couple months of madness. Um, and it sucks for both of us So I think we’re both victims. Keemstar: So obviously Jake, you don’t want people at your house anymore. You don’t want people there. You don’t want the zoo you’re saying you don’t want to annoy your neighbors anymore, um This just brings up the Post Malone situation, didn’t you put him in the same situation by showing his house in your vlog? Jake: Um so I Did not put anybody into any situation that they did not want to be in You know I went- I filmed this segment for my vlog. I’m sure people have seen it you know go to deliver Post Malone the merch that he bought from my website and I was like, I told my friends like off-camera like “Yo if we like if we go there, and he’s like yo I hate this kid like don’t bill me I’m not going to put I can’t put any of this in here.” But when we got to his door He was nice, super cordial I was like “Dude, can I vlog this?” and he was like “Yeah Go for it.” Keemstar: Right, but did h- did- I mean, you had to have known that Post Malone didn’t know that you were filming like his house like his whole house. His cars, the license plates Jake: I would I was under this Understanding that like he would assume so, which is like when obviously when people assume stuff, that you know, makes an ass of you and me. Right? — Keemstar: Right, so you do see like his good friend Ethan h3h3’s point where like you basically doxed the guy, you know? Um you know I-I– Jake: Sorry to interrupt but like when there’s like When when he was given permission to do it. I was like dude. Okay. This is great And we did as much blurring as possible and like none of the addresses are in there like there’s no way that someone could find it and even now like the video is just completely blurred like the second I found out that you or Ethan was even upset about that. I went back, and I blurred the whole entire thing because I realized was like damn I messed up and if I could have cut the whole section out of my vlog I would have, but like the YouTube video editor– Keemstar: Doesn’t let you after a certain amount of time yeah. Jake: Right and so and and To me it was like. Yo if I if I order Lebron James’ merch right, and Lebron delivers it to my house imma be like yo that’s Dope and its obviously different cuz Post is like a star himself, but I thought that’s like it would be to be cool I don’t know, but again. I mean stake you know and I was wrong and obviously he didn’t want that.. Uh– Keemstar: But you know-Post, I talked to Post and Post is a really really nice guy So if you would have asked him a hundred different ways is it okay if we vlog he would have said yes You know what I mean, and I don’t think Post is really that mad because he’s not the guy that you know, would be mad or be upset But I mean it’s it’s everyone like Ethan or you know myself or other YouTubers that are upset because you know We wouldn’t want that gun to us, you know. I think you know who Jenna Marbles is, right? Jake: Yeah. Keemstar: She- she made this tweet, and she said “This is the most horrible Self-serving illegal and manipulative invasion of privacy I have ever seen.” I mean that that was strong coming from Jenna Marbles– Jake: Is that is that about- Keemstar: Going to Post Malone’s house, yeah. Jake: Got it got I got it yeah, no and and that’s why I dude I made a mistake like obviously The problem now is like and I’m not using this as an excuse, but I’m 20 years old I’m currently getting the most views on on YouTuber- on YouTube as like a vlogger and everyone’s watching and People are going to want to criticize all the mistakes I make. And I did make a mistake and for that like I’m sorry, and I’m sorry to Post. I’m sorry to Jenna, I’m sorry to Ethan, and anyone who felt like “Yo, this kid is a Jerk for doing this.” Because, those aren’t my intentions like again. I just want to make people smile I just want to make people laugh or be entertained or- Do the craziest things that no one’s have ever done before, and so I think with that it’s easy to make mistakes Keemstar: Right, um, Boogie2988 I’m not sure if you’re familiar with him, but he’s a pretty respectable Youtuber he made a video Not being mean at all He’s a very nice guy But he he basically said to you and your brother that you guys are growing subs so fast that now you Don’t just represent yourself you represent YouTubers as as a whole So when you mess up it makes us all look bad Do you think there’s some legitimacy in that statement? Jake: Um, Yes for sure. I think I think we are definitely expanding outside the horizon of YouTube and that’s my goal like you know like I’m using Youtube as a vehicle to Expand my career Elsewhere, oh yeah, when I do when we do mess up, you know it does shine a negative light. Onto Youtube as a community, but then that just makes me think like, Us, YouTubers like We’re a community, we know how special we are, how special you are how special Boogy is- How special Jenna is. I don’t think we need- Other people’s approval. And creators of the dopest f****** people there are dude, like why, why? You know? We care a– Keemstar: Its a good sales speech. I think I’m sold. I mean, I-I mean you’re right, you’re right. I don’t need we don’t need outside approval. I I totally get that but– Jake: As Sarcasm with that. Like, honestly. Keemstar: No, I I actually I actually think that’s- that’s an empowering statement, but, Some of these YouTubers feel embarrassed by some of the stuff that that’s going on with you. I want to get back to the car situation- real quick. Somebody unscrewed the nuts on your car. A lot of people think your brother did it to get back at you because you put up his car for sale on Craigslist, You blamed it on the neighbors, What do you want to say on that who do you think really did it and- You know, if you have no proof that it’s the neighbors. Do you think you should apologize for that? Jake: Um, you know, when it happened, it was literally like the night after all this like news thing went down with the neighbors and There’s this one specifically drunk neighbor who lives two doors down from us Who has come over to our house multiple times drunk. They egg that van, they silly string it, they have like, hit it before And it was parked outside of their house the night that that happened and You know, there’s no direct proof that it was them. However like, with us, like– Keemstar: It’s just in your video, you say one of our neighbors did it, right? Um, You know, it would have been so much better if you said “I think one of my neighbors did it.” You know? Jake: Yeah, no, right No, you’re 100% right So we want to– Keemstar: Because what what happens, Jake, is you know these videos that you upload they get five or six million views? Your fans think that your neighbors are trying to kill their hero, and then they start harassing your neighbors. Jake Yeah, yeah, now I get that But like I said dude when I’m going in like every single day for me to leave out a word that’s like if I say like I think the neighbors I did it versus like the Neighbors try to kill us like obviously it’s two completely different things But when I’m shooting stuff on a day-To-day, basis uploading every single day. I’m on set I’m running a business and you know those things slip through the cracks. And again, everyone’s watching so like, I fucked up, man, but and those those those small little things have massive waves of consequences to them, I’m- Like learning more about that on a day to day basis So I do apologize to the neighbors for any like harassment that they’ve received because of that statement but I also I also do still think that it was that neighbor. That doesn’t make me change my mind about that. And for that dude, like it’s really and to that dude like it’s it’s really messed up and We even had like one of the fans’ moms Who is like out there because we have fans that like to stay here to like 2:00 a.m. Keemstar: Right. Jake: Now, out there came to our door and so they saw like four guys do it two doors down, and that’s completely Unrelated and so like yeah Like I should have said I think all– Keemstar: Right because that statement I- “The neighbors did it” it just it made you know everybody that’s even near to your house a suspect and You know a target for your fans to attack. It was a real bad situation. For them. I’ve spoke to your neighbors I don’t know if you know, but we interviewed one of your neighbors here, I– Jake: What I don’t get though, is why don’t they talk to me, bro? So this is like wow this is why it’ll get fixed immediately. Keemstar: The neighbor that I spoke to That I interviewed. He wants to speak to you directly. He wants to have a man-To-man chat. You know privately. Jake: Yeah, if you could put us up that’d be great. Keemstar: Yeah. Yeah, I- well I will. Speaking about that. You did go to one of the neighbors to apologize and You recorded it, and you allegedly you didn’t let the neighbor know that you were recording them Have have you done anything to try to fix that because you know, last I heard, the neighbors want to press charges for eavesdropping. Jake: Um, I mean dude like, I don’t know I don’t even know what to say like, its– Keemstar: You you didn’t know it was against the law, you didn’t you know.. What what happened? Jake: Now I feel like they’re nitpicking. You know, it gets to a point where like sometimes I am wrong, but like I think it’s to a point where like now they’re just looking for any hole that they can attack in me and and and like That has- that has me putting my guard down and like honestly trying to go to them so you know if– Keemstar: But have you had to put yourself in their shoes where they think: “Oh man, He just used me, he used me for sympathy. Like you know he recorded this Private conversation where he was apologizing to me, and then you know exploited it on the internet to make himself look good.” You know they might be thinking that. I’m sure that’s what they are thinking. Jake: Right, but like again like I didn’t even know about this problem until you just said it 20 seconds ago, and so Why, why are they not Communicating with me? You know what I mean? Keemstar: Maybe it wa- I mean, you got a lot of people working for you, right? maybe you know you could have someone you know go talk to every single one of the neighbours and set up a Private meeting between you and the neighbors. Oh you’ve done that. Jake: We- yeah, we trie- We’ve sent them letters, emails, notes, things on their doorstep. We tried to communicate with them We tried to get their numbers so that they can text us, If we know that we’re going to do something like crazy Then we go pre-emptively tell them and we explain what’s going on. Some of them are like don’t do that Like obviously, it’s our job. We’re still going to do it, but at least we inform them about it, and so we do take Pre-Emptive action in that and now I think it’s like a thing where there’s– Keemstar: *coughs* Excuse me, go ahead. Jake: I feel like, whatever could be your coughing in there. You’re like You’re like Saying it’s bs, or something. Keemstar: No, no, I have this cold and I’ve been fighting- you know, restraining that cough back. But you’re good, go ahead. Jake: That’s a lot of sarcasm and like I think it’s really immature. Keemstar: I swear it’s not, I swear It’s not. It’s a legitimate cough. But– Jake: Yeah, I think when I watch this video. I hope it’s not that because That’s that’s really immature of you to do that. Because I’m out here, like, speaking the truth and if you’re like trying to turn it into a joke like I could’ve easily done- done this and turn this whole thing into a Joke– Keemstar: I promise you, no, I promise you it was a real cough. Jake: Okay, cuz you still sound sarcastic. Keemstar: Well, I don’t know what I could do to prove that it’s- I mean you’re going to see the film so you’ll know it’s a real cough but we’re getting so sidetracked here, There are going to be a lot of people that See this video that like you, or are a fan of you and they’re going to cheer for you. But there are going to be some people that despise you. What would you say to those people that you know- Don’t like you and don’t like what you represent. What would you say to them to try to change their mind? Jake: Um, I don’t I don’t want to try and change their mind I’m always going to be myself And that’s what I think every kid should do in America. Be themselves, chase their dreams, work hard every single day and If someone doesn’t like me, that’s fine. Because I’m not I’m not changing who I am. I’m going to learn from my mistakes and become a better person and you know Sculpt, you know, who I am to be the best person possible But- and maybe that’s when they’ll like me you know, but that doesn’t happen overnight. I’m going to make mistakes And people are going to hate me. That’s the name of this game. I’m never going to have 100% like rate. No one does. Um, But what I- what I always like Say is, you know, Change the world, become better every day. And that’s all I can do is learn from my mistakes and and if someone doesn’t like me then then I’m sorry, and maybe you’ll like the future version of myself when I’m trying to become the best version of myself every single day Keemstar: That was- that was great. That was great. Hopefully you know, we all can live up to that. Ladies and gentlemen you’ve heard it here from Jake Paul. If you enjoyed this interview make sure you slap a like on it. Drama Alert Nation, now over two million, two hundred Thousand subscribers. Good interview! Jake: Um cool in, yeah. I appreciate you taking the time to do this and give me the platform um for real, and- and- I- I Hate how like there’s so many people who have the wrong image of me um, But you know it’ll just take time, but I appreciate….—-

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    Jake seems more respectable now

    Edit: I mean he was nice to KEEMY BOY because he says “WHAT IS UP DRAMA ALERT NATION”

  • Reply not gay pig November 18, 2018 at 9:11 am

    1:10 it’s not always true

  • Reply Crazus dambraski December 5, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    who lives under the bin JAKE PAUL JAKE PAUL

  • Reply Car Rdog December 31, 2018 at 8:08 am

    Yall Motherfuker swear Yall Perfect always quiz to judge jake paul . i Swear to god i will make every jake paul hater make look stupid. HATER COMMENT!⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ (I want to make yall look stupid)

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    Bruh.. Why does he get dislikes…

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    fuck you keemstar

  • Reply Tai Perette March 18, 2019 at 4:09 am

    tHaTs vEry iMmaTuRe oF yOu

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    0:32 wtf is wrong with u??😭

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    Popas slime was the best!!!!!

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    Jake Paul is literally sucking keems dick so hard in the first 3min

  • Reply Nate Vic May 8, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    ‘It’s really immature of you’
    Lmao what an oversensitive little bitch. And he can really talk about immaturity!

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    You could tell keem did not want to say go to jakes channel

  • Reply em D July 20, 2019 at 3:22 am

    Hmmmm wonder why he is so paranoid about a little cough. . . Couldn't possibly be his defence is up because he is talking 🐂💩

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    I learned from jake Paul today wow!!

  • Reply Meme Boi November 3, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    Interview ends and Jake keeps talking

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