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Is Ragi Good For Diabetes?

November 8, 2019

Hello, I’m Ty Mason from,
researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes. Today I’m going to answer the question, is
ragi good for diabetes. But before we get into that, make sure you
download my free diabetes management book which also includes a diabetes grocery shopping
guide (foods to eat and avoid) by clicking the link below. I know I have said this before but it is so
true, one of the main reasons I love this channel is that I get to learn. Today is no exception. I had never heard of ragi before researching
this video. And then when I found out that ragi is millet,
I was still excited because I have heard of millet, but never really knew what is was. I know it is used as part of carp bait in
England, that is about it. Ragi, or finger millet, is a herbaceous plant
grown for cereal in arid climates such as Africa and Asia. It is native to Ethiopia. The 3 main uses for ragi in today’s world
is to mill it (millet, lol) into flour, cook the grain much like oats or to malt it for
products like beer. Along with oats ragi is one of the most nutritious
foods you can eat. It is also very easy to digest. It is rich in calcium and protein as well
as iron and other minerals. It is low in fat most of which are unsaturated
fats. One of the main components that is of interest
to one with diabetes is the amino acid Isoleucine. This is essential for ensuring blood formation
and helps to keep blood sugar levels in check. A 1 cup serving of cooked ragi contains 370
calories with 88 carbs. That sounds like a lot of carbs, but none
of those carbs come from sugar. But on the down side only 3 of those carbs
come from dietary fiber. The glycemic index of ragi is high at 71. With the high carb content and low dietary
fiber, this puts the glycemic load of ragi a staggering 60! So is ragi good for diabetes? Even though it is rich in many good things
it has a major negative effect on blood sugar. For that purpose I would have to give ragi
a no. It is not good for diabetes. I hope this answered your question is ragi
good or bad for diabetes. Don’t forget to get your diabetes management
book by clicking the link in the description box below. Let me know if you have any other diabetes
related questions. Thank you
I am Ty Mason

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