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Is Prediabetes The Same Thing As Impaired Glucose Tolerance Or Impaired Fasting Glucose?

August 30, 2019

For all intents and purposes, yes, Prediabetes
is the same as IGT or IFG. They all mean the same thing. At one point it was which test was used as
to what the condition was called. What you call something is kind of interesting
isn’t it? Did you know it is now politically incorrect
to call someone with diabetes a “diabetic”? Now, diabetic medications and diabetic foods
are fine. But many people who have diabetes actively
resist being labeled as a diabetic, as if we were an illness. A correspondent writes, “What I give as
an example to doctors and other technical people is: If a person has hemorrhoids, does
that make that person one?” Now I personally am not offended one bit by
the term diabetic if someone refers to me as that. But I have tried to be very careful in my
video series to not use that term when describing people because it does offend some people
and that just isn’t something I want to do. But terms in the world of diabetes have been
developing and changing over the years. Here are some examples:
What used to be called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM)
is now referred to as type 1 diabetes. The former terms, adult-onset diabetes or
non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), are now called type 2 diabetes. And there is no such thing as borderline diabetes. If that’s what you think you have, it is
either pre-diabetes or diabetes. So what was once called Impaired glucose tolerance
or impaired fasting glucose is now pre-diabetes or prediabetes. There is even some controversy over there
should be a hyphen. The reason given for this change was to show
the seriousness of the condition. The latest I have found to be “argued”
in the diabetes community is to change the name of prediabetes to Stage 1 Type 2 Diabetes. As many of you know, many doctors and even
insurance companies don’t recognize prediabetes as diabetes proper. The movement to change the name to Stage 1
Type 2 Diabetes is starting to gain ground. This is one movement I think I could support. It gives those with prediabetes a more concrete
idea of what they truly have. But, it also gives a sense that just because
they have prediabetes, it will definitely become Type 2, which isn’t true. Names can change a total outlook on things. But rather than argue over the name of what
you have, it is much more important to work on your diet and exercise plan to control
that blood sugar or blood glucose. Yes, there are people who want to argue that
as well. BG or BS. Probably a little bit of both in those arguments!

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