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Is Diabetes Serious?

November 10, 2019

30 years ago diabetes was an unusual disease, but now increasingly I’m diagnosing it on a daily basis. And we’ve gone from a situation where it was uncommon to one where it’s affecting the world on an almost plague proportion. Some countries have up to 30% of the population affected by diabetes. What will the future hold for these countries with massive populations that at the moment do not have access to adequate health care? So it’s only when your blood sugars are very high that people develop symptoms that they can actually identify and associate it with diabetes, and by then, there has been years of damage going on without anyone understanding how important it is to take control. Is there a factor that can help us make better decisions around our fruit choice? Well the answer is not really with an apple, but with physics and geometry and simple science. We think about one in four people in hospital at the moment have diabetes and they may be there because of diabetes or an associated condition. So what is worrying the medical community is that a mother with diabetes is more likely to have a child with diabetes and that child when they grow up is more likely to have a child with diabetes and with each generation this disease is becoming more and more prevalent. Perhaps there is no better place to see this compounding generational effect of diabetes, this perfect storm, than in the island of Mauritius.

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