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Intensive Diabetes Management Program at Joslin Diabetes Center

October 10, 2019

–Good Morning Mary,
Good Morning–
–how are you today?
I’m doing great–
–I believe you had a fun evening last night
I did, I went to the Red Sox game– –and how was the dinner last night? It was great, my blood sugar at 11 was great and I did not take
it at the game this time– My name is Sister Mary Crosby, and And I was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. — and in what was it when you
came back from the game? When I first learned I had diabetes it was overwhelming — 144
And I realized I’m lucky to have a disease that i can control and so I’ve made the choice to do
something about it –this is day three of program
–and on day one –you had the chance to meet Dr. Cohen and me, –the nutritionist, you saw the nurses, the educator, you saw the exercise physiologist –today’s day three…
The DO IT program is a four-day program of intensive education in diabetes, and it’s wonderful because they make
recommendations to help you live a better life
–Alright, Mary, why don’t you tell me what you had for lunch and we’ll do the carb counts for it? Alright, ok, I had a piece of chicken– that’s free–
–that’s free, no carbohydrates, yup
My goal before coming was to get rid of insulin and I really realized through Dr. Abrahamson that insulin is the best way to control
it and that I haven’t failed it’s not that I haven’t done everything that I could do. –well, look at this, you’re a lot lower than you were yesterday
oh, yes– –do you ever really have low blood sugar I’ve had it maybe three times and that’s been lately because of the dosage of insulin– before diabetes, I had all the intentions that all of
us have. I was going to exercise, but I didn’t do it. After coming here i realize even moreso the exercise is important. I just turned sixty last year and I have many more years And I wanted them to be good, and you can with diabetes From this program, the DO IT program, You just get a new outlook on life in the sense that I have diabetes but I can live a full life
with diabetes.

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