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I Caught A Cold || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

November 15, 2019

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from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. How come you got drenched in the rain?
Aren’t you carrying an umbrella in your bag? Yes, I am. But, I wanted to get drenched in rain.
It has been long. Too bad it is raining even in December.
Hell with this global warming and all. Take it easy, mom!
– Whatever! Dry yourself up before you catch a cold. Don’t worry, my immunity is fantastic.
– None in our community have good immunity. ‘Things people say
in an attempt to rhyme.’ There you go! Excellent!
I knew it all along. So, you say I caught a cold
because I got drenched in rain the other day? Of course, not. You caught a cold
because you are on the phone 24*7. The radiations emanating from the phone
made you catch a cold. Hey, good morning! What’s up?
– Good morning. When is the meeting?
– Around 4PM. What is with your voice? Are you hung-over?
– I wish. I caught a cold. Stop lying.
Someone should cast you in ‘Hangover-4’. Any doubts?
– How is the plan.. I’m sorry! What is your question again?
– How is the.. Continue.
– Are you okay? Yeah, I’m absolutely fine.
Please, go on. No worries. Take your time.
– ‘She is ruining this.’ Mr Ravi, how about we meet again
when she feels better? I’m sorry, sir.
– Sure. Get some rest. You ruined it. I’m sorry, sir.
– I’m sure you know how important she is. We paid for her flight fares, cab fares
and accomodation and brought her here for the meeting. I understand, sir.
That’s why I’ve come to work even though I’m sick. What is wrong?
– I caught a cold. I even wanted to take an off today.
But, I didn’t as we had this meeting. You mean you got common cold.
You want leave for something as common as common cold? It is pretty bad, sir.
– Even I have a headache. I’m also carrying the pills with me,
but still, I come to work without fail. So, you better go and finish the PPT.
– Okay, sir. ‘What a shirker this girl is.’ Stay on the line, please.
How come you’re doing Yoga in the afternoon? I caught a cold.
– Cold? I better keep distance. Hell with him! Where in the world is this guy at? Who could it be? Hello. By when will my order get delivered?
– I’ll be delivering your order in 10 minutes, sir. Madam, you mean?
– Exactly! I’ll deliver madam’s food order in 10 minutes, sir. Madam you should say, not sir.
– I get it, sir. Whatever! Deliver the parcel soon.
– Sure, sir. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. ‘Hell with him!
Is my voice..’ Hello.
‘It is fine actually.’ Sir, I’ve reached the delivery address. Please come out to collect the parcel, sir.
– Yeah. Fine. Where are you at?
– I’m right at the location you shared. Yeah, I can see you.
– But, I can’t see you, sir. I’m standing right before you.
– I can’t see you, sir. I’m right before. I’m waving my hand at you now.
– I can see a lady wave her hand at me but not you. Alright. Keeping walking towards the entrance.
– Okay, sir. Should I keep walking straight?
– Yes. Keep walking straight. Should I enter through the gate?
– Not needed. Sir! I mean, ma’am! ‘I was talking to a lady all this while?
Holy cold!’ Why is this place stinking? What do you make of this filthy smell?
– I’ve caught a cold. I can’t smell a thing. You are so lucky.
– What filthy smell? I should’ve washed my footware. I can’t smell a thing. Back from work?
– I need ice cold water to drink. Who drinks ice cold water
despite catching a cold? You know I only drink ice cold water.
– Not when you caught a cold. Whatever!
What is for dinner? I’m hungry. Can’t you smell
the fine aroma of fried chicken and soup? I can’t smell a thing. You’re getting to know the taste despite having cold?
– Cold or not, this soup is too hot. You prepare good and tasty food
only when I catch a cold. Why did you make fried chicken today of all days?
– Go and breathe in some hot steam. Before that, I’ll eat something.
– Have some soup. You want some rice too?
But, rice isn’t recommended if you’ve cold. I don’t want rice. I’ll have this orange.
– Orange is a strict no! Put it back. I’ve nothing else to eat.
I’m eating this now. My head is spinning.
What a bad headache I have. I didn’t sleep a wink last night.
– You are hung-over again? I’ve told you this already. I’ve caught a cold.
Why else would I try to keep myself warm? You seriously got cold?
– I got serious cold. If you catch cold in these temperatures,
wonder what would happen to you in colder places like US. In that case, I’ll be sent on-site
to the US and not you. Did our manager log in yet?
– I don’t think so. I sent him the PPT he asked for yesterday.
But he didn’t give me any feedback yet. Shall I ring him up?
– I guess you should. Hello, sir.
– Yes, Jahnavi? I sent you the PPT you asked for yesterday.
If you could go through it and suggest changes.. I’m taking off from work today?
– What for, sir? I caught a cold. ‘What a hypocrite
this idiot is!’ Hey, guys!
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See you all next Wednesday!

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