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How to Use Your Insulin Pen

October 10, 2019

(music) Hi, my name is Callie Pinto. I’m a diabetes nurse clinician
for the UVM Medical Center. And we’re here today to talk about how to perform an insulin injection
with using an insulin pen. When you come home from the hospital or your doctor’s office,
your doctor will have ordered you the insulin pens and a separate box of
the insulin pen needles, usually 100 in a box. So you’ll take one pen out and that will be good for 28 days outside of the refrigerator. The rest of the pens should be
kept inside the refrigerator. Let’s now talk about the insulin injection technique on its own. First of all you’re gonna
want to wash your hands. You’re going to want to
assemble all the equipment needed for the injection, which includes the insulin pen, the alcohol swab, the insulin pen needle and your sharps container, which is usually a detergent bottle or some other kind of milk jug. You’re going to write “do not recycle” on it. And once it is full you’ll tape the top, say with duct tape and just discard it in your usual manner. You’re going to want to check the prescription of your insulin pen, make
sure it has not expired. And you’re going to remove firstly the cap over the end of the pen. The first thing we want to do
is clean the top of the pen where your insulin needle will be going. So using your alcohol swab, one side of it, you’re going to clean the top of your pen. Make sure that is clean and
then you’re going to attach the insulin pen needle to the insulin pen end. And make sure it’s snuggly tightened. You will see the cartridge with a incrementally marked 300 units on it. You’re going to be reusing that
pen until it is finished. The next thing we’re going
to do is remove the two caps that are covering up the needle. The first cap is larger and that will come off and
you’re going to save that cap. The second cap is the needle guard and you’re going to remove that. So you actually see the needle
and throw that cap away. Okay, we’re ready to go
ahead and prime the pen. You’re going to see a window
that has numbers in it. You’re going to be able to turn a dial right at the end of the pen for two units. That’s your priming amount. You’re going to push the end button, which is usually a royal blue color. You’re going to push
that in and you’ll see a couple of droplets come out the end of that insulin pen needle. That means your pen is working and your medicine is up to the end of the pen needle and
ready to give to yourself. So the next thing you’re going to
do is dial it to your dose, 10 units – we’ll say that’s your dosing. You’ll see a large 10 number and you will line up the lines on either side of the number in the notch. So then you’re ready to
administer your insulin. You’re going to pick a spot to give it. And usually the abdomen,
the upper thigh area or the back of the arm
are the more common areas. And you’re going to just go a 90 degree angle straight in to yourself until you do not
see the needle any longer. It goes just under the skin. And then you’re going to
again push that button on the end of the insulin pen needle all the way down and hold
it then for a count of 10 to make sure you get your full dose. You will then remove the pen
by just pulling straight out. You will then recap the insulin pen needle with the large cap that you initially took off the end of the pen. And twist off the pen needle tip and dispose of it in
your sharps container. You will recap your pen for your next dose and those are all the steps. If you have any questions or concerns after you’ve finished
your insulin pen injection please contact your primary care provider. (light calm music)

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