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How to start EASILY a diesel engine car in cold weather

March 26, 2020

Hello everyone. Do you have trouble
starting your diesel car in the cold mornings? I’m going to show you now a
trick that will make it much easier to start when it’s cold. So what you need to
do is turn the key to the RUN ignition position and wait for a couple of
seconds for the glow plugs to work. Then what you need to do is turn the key back
and then repeat the same procedure – turn to the RUN ignition position wait a couple
of seconds and then turn it back. And repeat the same procedure three or four
times. And the last time you do it just wait a couple more seconds before you
start the engine. And then try to start the car. And the car starts right away.
And that’s how you start diesel car in the winter mornings. Hope you liked
the video if you liked it – give it a thumbs up and if you want to see my
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