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How to Reverse a Fatty Liver

October 7, 2019

– Hey it’s me again. First thing I want to
tell you is I don’t drink and I don’t recommend drinking alcohol, alright so in this video we’re going to talk about the liver, specifically how to reverse a fatty liver. Couple facts about the liver. The liver is about
three and a half pounds, it’s huge it’s on the
right side of your body. It goes all the way up here
and it’s right through here. Okay, it has over 500 functions. It does everything from immune control, digestion, detoxification of chemicals, building up of proteins,
it does so many things. It’s an amazing, miraculous organ. It has 50,000 to 100,000
small little units of cells that help do the work. You really could be
functioning pretty good in your body and have 90% of your liver destroyed or dysfunctional. So a lot of times the
liver will not show up until greater than 90% of it’s destroyed. So you can’t always go how
you feel with the liver. But some of the symptoms
with a real bad liver issue is you get bloating,
you have right shoulder pain through here, the whites
of your eyes turn yellow, there’s a lot of skin
issues, itching of the bottom of the feet and the palms of the hand, basketball belly like
you’re protruding belly. But you can really predict the health of the liver by the
person’s lifestyle habits. So there’s several stages
of liver damage that occur. The first one is from inflammation. Inflammation where it
could come from a virus but it also could come
from bad eating or alcohol. So every time you drink
it creates a trauma, kind of a whiplash because you’re killing liver cells when you’re doing that. Every time you take Tylenol or medication you kill liver cells. So it has a lot of damage. Even some of the medications like Lipitor, for example, will
severely stress the liver and increase the liver enzymes by 500%. So one of the big side effects. The medication is supposed
to lower your cholesterol which basically has
everything to do with liver, ends up destroying your liver. It’s kind of insane. So you have an inflammatory condition. Then you have fatty deposits
that lodge into the liver, so over time the liver
can be replaced with fat. Many people with bellies out
to here have a fatty liver. If they just had an ultrasound they would be able to identify that. But it’s very hard to detect
chronic liver problems unless you do a biopsy because it doesn’t always show up on a blood test. So over time when you have
this inflammatory state of continuing damage on the
liver because of bad habits, you develop scar tissue and that leads into something called cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is the liver that is filling up with fibrous tissue that’s
making it dysfunctional and you lose the function of the liver. But again you can get away
with only a small portion of liver working before you even notice a lot of the symptoms so just because you are feeling it doesn’t mean anything. Alright, so that’s what
happens with the liver. When the liver swells up because there’s not a lot of space it could put pressure on the heart and create a lot
of heart arrhythmia issues, a lot of skipped beats, it can
create high blood pressure, increase pulse rate, why? Because the liver is
right next to the heart and it’s going to compress on the heart. When the person sleeps on their left side if they have an enlarged liver, it will compress the
heart and make it hard to breathe and sleep at night. So liver cases tend to
sleep better on the right side of their body than the left. So that’s one thing. Secondly is the liver is
one of the only organs in the body that can
completely 100% regenerate. That’s the good news. The bad news is it takes a long time to regenerate the liver cells. It could take up to three years. But I think the worst
recommendation for people is everything in moderation
because you cannot heal the liver having a
moderate amount of junk food to the diet because again if
you’re drinking every night or every other day or even once a week it could take you one,
two, three, four days for that liver to recover and so you never really let it recover. So it’s the accumulation of
letting the liver recover and heal that helps it regenerate. So it takes a long time. I had someone do my
liver enhancement program and they lost all this
weight but they had called me up and said Dr. Berg
your liver enhancement doesn’t work because I
did it for two weeks, I lost the weight and
then the weight came back. Come to find out in
their mind they thought they were going to heal
the liver in two weeks. That was a miscalculation. They need to do it for a lot
longer until that liver heals. So that’s one thing. So what we want to do
is we want to eliminate the things that are destroying the liver. Now alcohol is probably the top thing that destroys the liver and I do not agree with so called
recommendations that you can get away with drinking every night. That does not work, it
creates damage on the liver. I don’t want to get into that, I think that’s kind of common sense but what I want to tell you is what to do to get this fat out of the liver. Number one stop the
things that are destroying the liver and add the things that will create a healthy liver. One of the most powerful
things that will do it are the bitter vegetables, the
ones that don’t taste good. The more bitter the better
like the collar greens, mustard greens, the kales, the spinaches, those are really good
for liver regeneration. The radishes are really good for the liver and you have to start consuming
those on a regular basis. So the other thing is that the liver does not do well with deep fried foods, but it does need certain oils. The types of fats that
are good for the liver are the medium chain triglycerides. Now what does that mean? Like the coconut oils. The coconut oil is one of the best things as far as the fat to
cook in and to consume to help a liver because it doesn’t seem to strain the liver at all. It takes the stress off the liver. The ones that destrain the liver are like the corn oils that you
would buy at the store or of course the hydrogenated oils. Those are really really bad. So we want a healthy liver. Butter is actually a medium
chain triglyceride too so that would be okay to consume and that takes the stress off the liver. So bitter vegetables,
the other thing that’s really good for the liver to clean out some of the toxic waste
would be apple cider vinegar and some of your water. So if you take like a teaspoon
of apple cider vinegar, put it in your water and consume that a few times a day, that is really good to strip off the fat off of that liver. So as you consume these
vegetables over time that have a lot of the B vitamins too, especially like vitamin
B2, choline, folate, all those key B vitamins that help the liver regenerate, over time the liver will get better and better
and better and better but you’re just going to have to not drink or not drink so much. One of the replacements that I like for the alcohol would be the kombucha tea. You can get it from the health food store. Kombucha tea creates a
similar effect to alcohol. You feel very relaxed and calm and again people drink to relax so
that would be one substitute and it’s really good for the liver. But the main thing is the vegetables. In this product I have it’s called the whole cruciferous food. I created a blend of the garlic, turmeric, radish, brussell sprouts,
kale, cabbage, parsley. Parsley has the most vitamin A, the most nutrition of any vegetable and number two is kale. Kale is not quite as strong as parsley but it’s easier to consume
kale in the kale shake so I recommend at least one
kale shake for your liver. But this is a good combination
of cruciferous vegetables. For those people that
cannot consume that amount of vegetables and they
need some supplement type help with the liver. So those are some tips on
reversing a fatty liver, it’s doable but you have to
take aggressive approach, you have to keep creating the liver, give it time, have patience, that’s why we call you a patient. I’m being sarcastic and so go ahead and do that and I will
see you in the next video.

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  • Reply Siquomb1 August 31, 2019 at 5:57 pm

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    of Muslims drink

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  • Reply John Burns September 23, 2019 at 11:39 am

    If your liver is in bad shape then quit alcohol – common sense. Once OK, it regenerates itself unless parts are diseased (dead), there is nothing wrong with the odd alcohol intake, as long as you do not abuse alcohol. Alcohol is credited as preventing gallstone build up.

    I know many old people who have drank all their lives and live very healthy lives.
    "I got the best out of alcohol, but alcohol never got the best out of me".
    – Winston Churchill

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    1. Stop drinking alcohol, soda and sugary drinks.
    2. Eat lean meats, fuits and veggies
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