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How to Make Quiche | Kale, Spinach & Asparagus Quiche

November 8, 2019

in this video we’re going to make some
lovely quiche hi guys welcome back to our channel if you are not using any
ready-made pastry you can watch our last video where I shared an easy pastry
recipe from scratch first in black all the vegetables we want to add in our
choice I have the full recipe in the description and on our website I always blanch my vegetables in salty
water so it gets some seasoning and retained the lovely colors remember not to let them soak in the
water for too long as soon as they’re paid down without the water and put it
in a separate Bowl if you’re in rush I would recommend you to use frozen
spinach from the store okay once vegetables are done it’s time to make
the cheese sauce for that I’m using eggs nutmeg
then whisk as I said earlier on you can get the full recipe amounts in the
description below next I’m adding three different types of cheese you can do
this just with the ricotta alone if that’s more convenient then mix and add the vegetables I would
recommend you to chop them before you put in the sauce after that give it a
good mix until all comes together now it’s time to fill them up make sure
not to overfill them I’m saving the leftover for another time
last thing I will add some asparagus it is something you don’t have to if you
don’t want once that’s done just cook it in the preheated oven for about 20
minutes at 165 degrees usually after 20 minutes it should be done if the oven is
fan assisted if not cook until you get this nice color and caramelization that’s it now it’s your time to make it
and let me know how was it

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